How To Play

Sign up into a cup/ladder

1. Choose your game

On the starting page you can find your game in "Choose Game" on the franchise page. There you can choose between the editions if there are a choice between plattforms.

2. Gameinfos

The important game infos will be displayed beneath. All information will be announced here (News, upcoming Cups, important Links for Social Media, Forums and many more)

3. How to sign up for a cup?

To participate in a cup you need to choose one cup out of the list and sign up for it. On the left side there is the date and the starting time, in the mid for which console or PC and on the right side the name and the direct link to the tourney page. It is also possible to navigate via the menu on the top.

The Tourney Page:

Here you can see all relevant informations for this cup. When is the cup starting? When is the Check-In for this Cup? (Explanation below) Which game and which mode will be played etc. On the right side there there is the Sign-up Box which shows you your actual status in the the Sign-Up process. Your first step is already done because you already sign up in our guides first steps. At the next step our system will ask you for your BattleTag® it will be the specific BattleTag®. Just click on the “Game ID” Button to fill your account in. This is important to get in touch with your opponent.

Time to select or make your team.

In case you already have a team, just select it. In case you have no team to sign up yet, make one and invite other players.

You can share your team with other players by sending them the team link. You are always able to see the current state of your team. As soon as you have 3 players with an entered BattleTag® in your team are you ready to sign up for the tournament. Click on Sign up to show your interest for the cup.

Now you have to confirm that you read the rules of the cup.

Now you have signed up for this cup. If something changes with this cup you will be notified via e-Mail. Also you will be notified a couple of minutes beforehand. There is just one last step until you will play your first eSports match.