WoW Custom Match FAQ

How do I start a custom match?

To start a custom arena match, both teams need to be in a party, with the party leaders having added each other on BattleTag. One of the two party leaders has to initiate the custom match via the "/wg <BattleTag> <Map Name> 1" command. This will start a custom match that enforces the use of Tournament Mode gear.

Queue an All Arenas Wargame with BattleTag /wg john
Queue a Nagrand Wargame with BattleTag /wg john nagrand
Queue a Nagrand Wargame with Tournament Gear required /wg john nagrand 1
Queue an All Arenas Spectated 3v3 Wargame on Nagrand /invitespectatormatch john dave 3 nagrand
Queue an All Arenas Spectated 3v3 Wargame on Nagrand with Tournament Gear /invitespectatormatch john dave 3 nagrand 1
Arena Names Battleground Names
blades arathi
dalaran deepwind
nagrand silvershard
lordaeron kotmogu
tigers gilneas
tolviron twin

Where can I get Tournament Mode gear?

Tournament Mode gear is the only gear that is allowed in official ESL matches. You can obtain these items from Pyxni Pennypocket at the Ring of Trials (Alliance) or Blarg near Highmaul (Horde).

I have a problem in my match, what now?

Try to solve it by contacting your opponent. If this will not help you should contact the ESL Staff. In most cups a cup chat is provided to get instant help. If there is no chat or you don't get a response, you can create a protest ticket (via your match). This is the best way to solve a problem, because you and your opponent will be able to comment this. For all other problems or questions, you should contact the support.