What is the ESL Open League?

The ESL Open League is open to each and every team. All you need to participate is to sign up and play. Get your competitive career started and build up a reputation for your team through a season consisting of group stages and playoffs. The best teams from our ESL Open League will make it into the ESL Major League at the end of the season.

How to Play

Current Season

Schedule and Structure

Signup Opens on October 1st
Check-in Opens on October 24th
Late Signup Opens on October 26th
All the signups close on October 28th at midnight!

Stage Dates Format Teams progressing
Groupstage 1 November 1st to December 9th
4 teams per group
Top 2 from each group
Finals December 13th and 14th Single elimination
Top 3 qualify to Major League
Matches during the groupstage can be rescheduled!


Every team receives prizes, even if they qualify to the next stage!

Prizes in the groupstages
For every match won 3.500Gold_icon.png

Prizes in the Finals
Ranks Gold Prizes
medal_gold_3.png1. 35,000 Gold_icon.png
medal_silver_3.png2. 24,500 Gold_icon.png
medal_silver_3.png3. 14,000 Gold_icon.png
medal_silver_3.png4. 10,500 Gold_icon.png
medal_silver_3.png 5-8. 7,000 Gold_icon.png
medal_silver_3.png9-16. 3,500 Gold_icon.png
All prizes shown are awarded per team.

What do I have to do to receive the gold?
Nothing! The prizes are distributed evenly among everyone that participates in the matches, and will be awarded at the end of each stage.
For more information on our prize-system please consult this link.

Previous Seasons

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