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Honza 'Pargin' Pargač  id: 7737250

Name Honza Pargač
Nick Pargin
Member since 20/05/13
Age / Gender 25 Years / male
Nationality  Czechia
Territory, City Czechia, Studénka
Main team Infinity Gaming IG...
Homepage --
I was very proud admin of ESL CZ/SK community until staff head of ESL Polska kicked us from the scene and gave permission of ESL CZ/SK to new staff head.
So, this is the end of our great community, our great journey, just say gg, wp, thx for one of the best moment in my life and cya. :)  more...  
Level & Awards
  12 Awards  
World of Tanks
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Rocket League
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Recent matches
  WoT 1on1 Duel Cup #30 Europe
loss Kouh3n  0 Friday, 12/05/17 13:00
  CS:GO Open Ladder 1on1 Europe
win daejv  +21 Wednesday, 05/04/17 15:00
win pemo  +31 Tuesday, 17/01/17 15:17
  CS:GO Open Ladder 1on1 AWP Europe
win daejv  +27 Tuesday, 04/04/17 15:35
  CS:GO Open Ladder 1on1 AIM Handgun Europe
win daejv  +16 Tuesday, 04/04/17 15:00
win FuRiii  +29 Monday, 16/01/17 13:27
loss (bye)  Sunday, 15/01/17 12:38 1
loss wiNo  -23 Wednesday, 11/01/17 06:34
  CS:GO Open Ladder 1on1 AIM Europe
win daejv  +12 Tuesday, 04/04/17 14:20
win tikedoeoe  +25 Monday, 13/02/17 11:46
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