Drunk Team vs. Sultanem 8t
Contestants Parameters

 Drunk Team
 Sultanem 8t
Status: closed
MatchID 34544971
Date Saturday, 04 February 19:20
Calculated Saturday, 04 February 19:37
Round Round of 32
best_of 3
map1 Lakeville (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
map2 Sand River (Standard Battle; Encounter; Assault; Attack/Defense)
map3 Murovanka (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
map4 Ruinberg (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
wg_match_id1 5388631609374385294
wg_match_id2 703542464362719176
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1 : 2
Sultanem 8t wins !
Saturday, 04 February 19:42
uploaded with ESL Wire replay_last_battle.zip*
478 kB, Saturday, 04 February 19:42, by 8409837
* No longer available
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