The Wild Bunch vs. Oops - The Tough Giraffes
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 The Wild Bunch
 Oops - The Tough Giraffes
Status: closed
MatchID 34223134
Date Thursday, 01 December 21:00
Calculated Thursday, 01 December 22:02
best_of 9
map1 Steppes (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
map2 Steppes (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
map3 Cliff (Standard Battle; Attack/Defense)
map4 Cliff (Standard Battle; Attack/Defense)
map5 Murovanka (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
map6 Murovanka (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
map7 Ghost Town (Standard Battle; Attack/Defense)
map8 Ghost Town (Standard Battle; Attack/Defense)
map9 Himmelsdorf (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
wg_match_id1 7451311124251452189
wg_match_id2 4738690135577239653
wg_match_id3 2667833271389266541
wg_match_id4 7421528622709482602
wg_match_id5 1662291484771362091
wg_match_id6 2315215536187221975
wg_match_id7 1360795264652420488
wg_match_id8 3993352430502028845
wg_match_id9 8414861838953948605
wg_switch_sides_round 1,3,5,7
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4 : 5
Oops - The Tough Giraffes wins !
Points 0 : +3

Oops - The Tough Giraffes

The Wild Bunch

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Ban map pick result :

1st map : Steppes, TWB attacking
2nd map : Cliff, OOPS attacking
3rd map : Murovanka, OOPS attacking
4th map : Ghost Town,OOPS attacking
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