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Name elite.clan.dota
Shorthandle e^
Registered since 26/11/08
Homepage http://www.elite-clan.org
IRC #elite.clan  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of elite.clan.main
Headquarters  Croatia
  2  Awards  

  EMS Season VI DotA Groupstage : 0 Minor, 2 Majors
25.05.10 2Major Penalty No-Show ( Match )
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IRC #elite.clan  (QuakeNet)
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Latest matches
  Dota 2 5on5 Cro-Dota Open
loss   Vendetta  0 Friday, 20/12/13 14:00 1
  ESL Major Series Season VI DotA Groupstage
loss   Tribal Gaming International  0 Monday, 07/06/10 13:00 0
loss   Global Domination Time  0 Sunday, 06/06/10 15:00 1
loss   Nici o Treaba  0 Sunday, 30/05/10 14:00 2
loss   Clan-Germany  0 Sunday, 23/05/10 14:00 2
loss   DTS.chatrix  0 Sunday, 09/05/10 14:00 0
  Season 2 DotA EBL
loss   Nici o Treaba  0 Friday, 04/06/10 15:00 0
loss   RetireD fRoM DotA Scene  0 Friday, 28/05/10 15:00 1
loss   X.VooDoo  0 Friday, 21/05/10 15:00 0
  ESL Major Series Season VI DotA Qualification Round 2
wins   eMazing Gaming  + 3 Sunday, 25/04/10 14:00 0

\"It all started in the 20th century, everything else is history! Many players joined, many players left, many games changed, many years passed but elite-clan is still here. We are immortal, its all about soul... Enjoy!\"

Elite-clan is multigaming clan from Croatia. With more than 10 years of existence, our clan is the oldest active clan in Croatia.
So far we had many squads, some of them made great success. Enemy-teritory, Warcraft 3 and Unreal Tournament squads had public respect because of great achievements in CB cups and ladders. Although future was looking bright, after some years, many players and squads had gone inactive and new came on the scene.
In the year of 2007 and 2008, clan was on the brink of extinction, with inactive teams and just some individuals, it was almost impossible to save everything from vanishing... However, we hibernated to survive hard time and managed to return on gaming scene.
At the moment there are active DotA, CS 1,6 and CS Source squads. New squads are now training for our main goal, to reclaim old glory!

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e^CSS squad
e^CS squad

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