GuLp  id: 2655338
Game Value Created
To add or change your game IDs, find a tournament for that game by choosing a game on the games page. On the right side of the tournament you will see the tournament widget, where you can update your game ID. BattleTag (Global) Pagat#2715   2019-03-09 22:00:53
EA ID (PC) Pazga   2019-03-09 22:00:42
LoL Summoner Name (EU-West) Pagat   2012-07-31 19:07:59
PokerTH Nickname Pagat   2018-01-17 00:50:04
PSN Online ID GuLp_The_Legend   2019-10-20 22:13:42
PUBG ID Pagat   2018-06-01 12:25:25
Steam Account GuLp#   2019-03-04 11:28:48
Uplay (DO NOT USE) GuLpDj   2019-03-04 11:29:10