Egocentric Chickens vs. New Tomorrow
Contestants Parameters

 Egocentric Chickens
 New Tomorrow
Status: closed
MatchID 34289888
Date Sunday, 20 November 16:00
Calculated Sunday, 20 November 16:13
Round Round of 128
best_of 3
map1 Prokhorovka (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
map2 Prokhorovka (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
map3 Cliff (Standard Battle; Attack/Defense)
wg_match_id1 1020747232515761405
wg_match_id2 1674021911558529845
wg_match_id3 685460346701161382
wg_switch_sides_round 1
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Result Media
2 : 1
Egocentric Chickens wins !
Sunday, 20 November 16:23
uploaded with ESL Wire shot_093.jpg
1.0 MB, Sunday, 20 November 16:23, by Andriks (NT)

Egocentric Chickens

New Tomorrow

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