Slovenian World Of Tanks vs. Austrias 1st Tank Division
Contestants Parameters

 Slovenian World Of Tanks
 Austrias 1st Tank Division
Status: closed
MatchID 33935907
Date Sunday, 24 July 15:10
Calculated Sunday, 24 July 15:52
best_of 3
map1 Murovanka (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
map2 Murovanka (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
map3 Steppes (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
wg_switch_sides_round 1
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1 : 0
Slovenian World Of Tanks wins ! (Default Win)
24/07/16 15:45
Round 1
150 kB, 24/07/16 15:45, by slo_miki (SWOT)

Austrias 1st Tank Division

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comments (3)
although our opponent was logged in for 15 minutes, no invitation for a training room was sent to us.
hello we wait for you only 5 users are online coneczed so dont say we dont make a room and we say to you SWOT vs ATD room is created i invite to but novbody join
2 of our guys had to leave, you will win.
GL for the rest of the tournament.
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