Who Cares? 7v7 vs. Roll the Dice.Go4
Contestants Parameters

 Who Cares? 7v7
 Roll the Dice.Go4
Status: closed
MatchID 33652803
Date Sunday, 24/04/16 11:40
Calculated 24/04/16 10:53
best_of 3
map1 Steppes (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
map2 Steppes (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
map3 Ruinberg (Standard Battle; Encounter; Attack/Defense)
wg_match_id1 1218351133500055772
wg_match_id2 8113458158546559092
wg_match_id3 3576026910749435896
wg_switch_sides_round 1
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2 : 1
Who Cares? 7v7 wins !

Roll the Dice.Go4

Who Cares? 7v7

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