What is Go4WoT?

The Go4WoT Cup Series is one of the most prestigious competitions in ESL because of its prizes and participation. This cup series is for teams that are looking for a challenge and that are looking to reach the highest level of skill by playing against others.

How do I play in Go4WoT?

For those that are wondering how they can play in Go4WoT, we have created a 6-steps guide.

How to Go4WoT Step 1 - Create an ESL account

If you don't have yet an ESL account, do not despair! Here's a very short guide that teaches you how to create your own ESL account step by step!

How to Go4WoTStep 2 - Create a team and invite your friends

By clicking on any cup or league, you will find the special ESL widget located in the right side of the page. Simply go through the widget and you will be able to create your first ESL team.

How to Go4WoT Step 3 - Signup for Go4WoT

Once there are 7 players in your team that are ready to start their journey in Go4WoT, the only step that you need to do is to sign up!

How to Go4WoTStep 4 - Start the game using ESL Anti-Cheat

After you have checked in and the cup has started, you can now start the WoT client. If you don't know how to use ESL Anti-Cheat you can find more information here!

How to Go4WoT Step 5 - Join the Special Battle

Once you've started your game, look at the bottom left and join the special battle. Don't forget to click "Ready" once you've set up your tank! If you have any doubts about our Battle API system, you can read our handy FAQ page.

How to Go4WoTStep 6 - Close the game and check the results on the ESL website

Once your team reaches 2 wins, the match is over! Close your game and wait for ESL Anti-Cheat to do it's work. In the meantime you can look at your match (find it on the ESL page on the right under "Play") and check your statistics!

How did that feel, commander? Are you ready for the challenge?

Upcoming Cups

Details about the Monthly Finals

The monthly final will take place after the end of the last Go4WoT Cup from the month, in the first week of the next month. The top twelve teams who have accumulated the most points in that month will be invited to the monthly final, where they play for a total prize money of 660 EUR !

Current Monthly Rankings

Full Rankings

Prize money distribution

Place EUR
medal_gold_3.png 1. €350
medal_silver_3.png 2. €210
medal_bronze_3.png 3. €100
Go4WoT Europe Cup #323

18/06/2017 - Tongue Tornado
Full brackets

Past Cups


The Go4WoT Series was started in August 2011. The first cup was played in the 7on7 format which is now a world-wide eSports format for World of Tanks! Over 60 teams accepted the challenge in the first cup but only one managed to win the 250€ prize money! Have a look at the Go4WoT Series Hall of Fame to see the best all-time 7on7 teams that participated in our respected series!

Panzer Fist was the first team that won in the Go4WoT Series! They managed to get into the finals after beating one of the best polish teams, Evil Panda Squad. After such an important victory, it almost felt like nothing stood against them and the 250€ prize money, their opponents being outplayed round by round and in the end match finished with the score of 2-1 after three amazing battles! Even though the players that played in the cup are not not anymore part of this team, they remain in our history as the first team that won the first Go4WoT Cup!

You can see all the history of the Go4WoT Series in our monthly rankings below:
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
- January January January January January January
- February February February February February February
- March March March March March March
- April April April April April April
- May May May May May May
- June June June June June -
- July July July July July -
August August August August August August -
September September September September September September -
October October October October October October -
November November November November November November -
December December December December December December -

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