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Players Eligibility

Only players that have the following nationality are allowed to participate in this region:

  • Bulgarian
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Romanian
  • Hungarian
  • Turkish
  • Georgia
  • Highlighted competitions

    7on7 High Caliber Cup - Every Saturday 16:00 CET

    Go4WoT Europe
    - Every Sunday at 15:00 CET
    5on5 Yolo Cup
    - Every Monday 19:00 CET
    3on3 Ace Cup
    - Every Thursday 19:00 CET
    2on2 Clash Cup
    - Every Wednesday 19:00 CET
    1on1 Duel Cup
    - Every Friday 19:00 CET

    1on1 Fun Ladder
    - ~430 players

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