Silver Series - Season 2 2016/2017
The next season of the Gold Series is almost here, and with it comes another dose of Silver as well! We've listened to your feedback and changed some key points from the previous season. The best team in the league is now directly promoted, the league is longer, and we have a separate qualifying tournament. Read below for more information!

What is the Silver Series?

The WGL Silver Series is a league that feeds directly into the professional competition for World of Tanks, the Gold Series.

Teams receive special accounts, with all tanks and crew skills unlocked, and can use them to test and play to their heart's desire! With one to three matches per week, there are plenty of oppportunities for training and team development!

Silver Series Schedule, Format and Rules

  • Start date: January 17th 2017
  • End date: April 6th 2017 (12 weeks)
  • Weekly matchdays: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 20:00 CET
  • Match format: best-of-9, attack/defense, pre-defined maps
  • Progression: 1st place promoted directly to the WGL Gold Series, 2nd to 5th progress to the Qualifier Finals (with 2 Gold Series teams).
  • Full rules
The Silver Series is the only way to qualify to the Gold Series. There will be no Wildcard tournament this season.

Qualifying to the Silver Series

We will be holding 4 Qualifier tournaments throughout the season. The top 4 teams in each qualifier will be promoted to the Silver Series in the following week. The Qualifier will be held every three weeks, starting after the first week.

Qualifier Cup #1 Saturday, 21st of January 2017, 18:00 CET
Qualifier Cup #2 Saturday, 11th of February 2017, 18:00 CET
Qualifier Cup #3 Saturday, 4th of March 2017, 18:00 CET
Qualifier Cup #4 Saturday, 25th of March 2017, 18:00 CET
Tournament information
  • Rules
  • Top 4 teams promoted
  • Teams demoted from Silver Series on the previous week cannot participate
  • Best-of-3, attack/defense, pre-defined maps

Changes from Season 1

  • Teams in Silver Series are not locked. A team will receive 12 tournament accounts and must manage them internally. If you wish to change the gameaccount to another ESL player, you must open a ticket.
  • Only 2 players can be changed per season.
  • If a player misuses a tournament account, it will be deactivated. The team cannot request an additional account for another player

These rules are aimed at making the process of adding/removing players easier. It will also give more responsability to teams and team captains regarding account management.

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And what about rewards maybe ??
Rewards don't need Kappa
At the moment, the rewards are the same as the previous season: special accounts and a direct promotion to the WGL Gold Series.
gl & hf
"Better" announce after "better" announce from season to season...Gj...Or not...
"rewards" :D
There better be some more "rewards"...
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