ESL Open/Major League - Season 2
After the success of Season 1, we couldn't wait any longer to bring you the next iteration. The ESL Open/Major League is great for pros and beginners alike - amateurs, unicums and weekend warriors rejoice, there's prizes for everyone!
With a total of 1,900,000 gold in the League, it'll surely be a very interesting competition! In addition, we've listened to your feedback and changed a few key elements from Season 1!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your team ready, sign up for the ESL Open League and compete for a slot in the ESL Major League!

How to participate

ESL Open League ESL Major League
  • Open to everyone
  • Prizes for all players and teams
  • Sign up till October 28th
  • Teams from the previous season of Major League
  • $ 5,000 prizepool for the top 4 teams
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ESL Open League

The ESL Open League will be open to each and every WoT team - all you need to participate is to sign up and play. Fight your way through the groupstages on your way to the finals, and make a name for your team in the competitive scene!

The league will be divided into 3 Stages - two Groupstages and Finals! The best teams will be automatically promoted to the next season of ESL Major League. You can find more information about the league and its structure at the ESL Open League portal.

Schedule for the ESL Open League
Signup till: October 23rd 2016
Check in on: October 24th and 25th 2016
Late Signups from: October 26th to 28th - last chance!
Start date: Tuesday, November 1st 2016

ESL Major League

This league is reserved for the best players in Europe. The teams qualified in Open League will join those that remain from Season 1, and fight their way to the finals where a $5,000 prizepool awaits the top 4!

What has changed?

Your feedback is invaluable. Our leagues are here for the players, so you're the one that can make a difference!

We've aimed to fix the biggest issues from the previous season:
  • All the teams receive gold during the groupstage
  • Shorter season without Clan Wars events in the middle
  • Simple promotion/demotion system

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