Community Teams!
Do you want to take part in tournaments but can never get enough teammates online? Or perhaps you've never played in ESL and want someone to guide you? We've got you covered!
Community teams are designed to get everyone to play in our tournaments. New players can join the teams at any time, on their own or in a group! We'll make sure the community teams are always signed up to your cups, so we'll save you the hassle of doing it yourself.

How to join

The process is very simple! All you have to do is follow one of the links below and click "Send":

Community Team #1
Community Team #2
Community Team #3
Community Team #4
We're starting off with 4 teams, and depending on the sucess we can double or triple the amount!

How to play

Once again, it's easy. After joining one of the teams, all you have to do is wait for the tournament to start. After starting WoT with ESL Anticheat you just have to join the Special Battle, select your tank and play!

Here is the schedule for the tournaments:

7on7 Go4WoT Europe Sundays at 15:00 CET Rules
5on5 Yolo Cup Europe Mondays at 19:00 CET Rules
Here are a few extra things to keep in mind:
  • Make sure you add your gameaccount
  • Make sure you install and configure ESL Anticheat
  • As with any other team, you have to follow the rules! Make sure you read them carefully.

We hope this will help everyone participate in our tournaments. Whether you've got a small group or want to win some prizes as a solo player, the Community Teams are a great way to get started.

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Your Admin Team
embirrim, Wednesday, 23/03/16 15:34
comments (10)
good idea

But please create teams for different cups
(Team 5on5; Team 7on7)
wood4yankee wrote:
But please create teams for different cups
(Team 5on5; Team 7on7)

Thanks for your feedback! Why do you think we should do that?
Just an idea but you could also create community Teams in the Cups in certain sections and the rule for that is for example,Gold Tier 0 = 1 community Team per Cup. Gold Tier 1 = 2 Teams for each Cup and so on. So people can also play in their home region.
We're testing out the idea in the European Tournaments! If it's sucessful we may implement it locally as well.
Had like 10 in the Community team #1 for yesturdays Go4WoT and only 6 turned up so basically auto defeat :(
We're still working on expanding the news to more players. We expected a low participation in these teams at start but hopefully this will change for future weeks. :)
hi i want to join your team i could if im on other team? could i be a member of few teams???
You can only be part of 1 team in each competition.
If you join a community team, you won't be able to join any other team in the same cup!
Hello! Can I join the team for the Sunday cup at 15:00?
My player nick name is DanteTheHUN and I'm looking for an ESL team to play with :)
Fair enough I played I did not get gold.
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