Battle API FAQ

The Battle API (Application Programming Interface) has been built into the game itself and seamlessly connects the ESL Play platform with World of Tanks for the most streamlined competitive online World of Tanks experience yet. With the automation of game invites, score postings and bracket updates, Battle API integration allows for easier and more meaningful post-match analysis, with statistics such as number of shells shot, accuracy and damage dealt available to players mere moments after a game finishes.

How do I play with Battle API?

In other words, the Battle API is exactly like the Clan Wars special battle system that you find in-game. It is very intuitive and very easy to use and you only need to prepare your tanks and to press ready and that's all! Check our step by step guide below for more information!

Step 1: Safety first! Start the game with ESL Anti-Cheat

Step 2: Something is blinking! Click on it!

Step 3: Select the match you want to join.

Step 4: Select your tank and press ready!

Step 5: Win the match!

Step 6: That's all! The results are automatically added on the website!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which players receive the special battle invite?

Everyone that is part of the team receives a special battle invite in-game. From that point on, the team captain decides who is worthy of playing in the match.

How do I know which side I start on?

You simply look in the title of the special battle. Left is Defender, Right is Attacker. It is also mentioned in the description of the special battle!

What happens if I don't have 7 players?

Unfortunately, you will lose each round where you don't have 7 players lined-up and ready for battle.

What happens if I don't press ready in time?

Your team will lose the round. However, if the opponent team also missed the chance to press ready, the match will be set as an Exception and the admin will decide whether to restart the match or disqualify both teams.

ESL match page says that I have match at 19:50 but I already received invites. Why?

The Battle API will send invites as soon as you have an opponent. It doesn't wait for the match time! So be sure to stick around to see when you have an opponent.

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