League Of Legends: Wild Rift Oceania Championships presented by ESL Mobile Open

Welcome to the inaugural season of the Wild Rift ESL Mobile Open Oceania Championships!

Welcome to the hub for the Wild Rift ESL Mobile Open Oceania Championships. This competition will be the first of its title in the region and will see the champion team winning the opportunity to travel overseas to compete in a tournament at the beginning of October.

The competition will start out with four open qualifiers over four weeks. Teams can play in multiple qualifiers if you don’t make it through on your first try, which means plenty of competition and multiple opportunities to progress to the next stages of the tournament!

Making into the Top 4 teams in any of the qualifiers, will see your team proceed to Stage 2 of the tournament, a 16 team esports swiss bracket. There you will play off in 5 rounds, battling it out to make your way into Stage 3, the top 8 round robin stage. Here, the competition will get intense here, but 3 wins is all you need to make it to Stage 4 and move one step closer to the top 4 gauntlet!

Your team’s placement in Stage 3 will dictate where you start in Stage 4's Gauntlet. 3rd and 4th will play off first, with the winner going head to head against 2nd place to fight for the final spot in the grand final, where you will meet the 1st place from the round robin stage to battle it out for the crown as our inaugural League of Legends Wild Rift Oceania Champions!

If you’re a seasoned esports veteran or a new player looking to improve your skills, sign up to the League of Legends: Wild Rift Oceanic Championship Qualifiers by clicking through to the individual qualifiers below!

Stage 3 - Round Robin - Top 8

Tournament Progression

Stage 1 - Open Qualifiers - up to 128 teams per qualifier

The Open qualifiers will be played as a single elimination bracket with all matches played in a best of 3 format


  1. Open Qualifier #1: July 4th
  2. Open Qualifier #2: July 11th
  3. Open Qualifier #3: July 18th
  4. Open Qualifier #4: July 25th

Stage 2 - Esports Swiss - Top 16

Teams who make it to the top 16 will play off against each other in 5 rounds of esports swiss. Each round you will play against someone on the same series win/loss ratio as yourselves with 3 wins qualifying you to the next stage and 3 losses eliminating you.


  • August 12th

Stage 3 - Round Robin - Top 8

Teams in the top 8 stage will play off in a single round robin Bo3 format against each other for the chance to make it to the top 4 final gauntlet stage


  • August 19th
  • August 20th
  • August 21st
  • August 26th

Stage 4 - Gauntlet - Top 4

The final stage of the competition to crown our champion will be the gauntlet stage, here the top 4 teams from round robin will play off in seeding order to find our champion. 

4th place from the round robin will go against 3rd place, the winner will then take on 2nd place and the victor of that will compete in our grand final against the 1st place team from the round robin stage.


  • September 2nd


The path to glory starts here!

Top 4 Gauntlet Prize Pool

Position Prize
medal_gold_3.png 1st

$2,000 USD 

International Tournament  Qualification

medal_silver_3.png 2nd

$1,250 USD


medal_bronze_3.png 3rd

$750 USD


medal_grey.png 4th

$500 USD


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