inconnu vs. Masad
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 8.  4.

Status: closed
MatchID 29521304
Date Friday, 17 January 02:15
Calculated Friday, 17 January 20:03
map Khyber
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Result Media
7 : 6
inconnu wins !
Points +29 : -29
Friday, 17 January 02:20
Round 1*
97 kB, Friday, 17 January 02:20, by inconnu
Friday, 17 January 02:43
Round 2 - - Turnz*
52 kB, Friday, 17 January 02:43, by inconnu
Friday, 17 January 02:39
uploaded with ESL Wire screenshot_187.jpg*
85 kB, Friday, 17 January 02:39, by inconnu
Friday, 17 January 02:39
uploaded with ESL Wire*
1.6 MB, Friday, 17 January 02:39, by inconnu
Friday, 17 January 02:38
uploaded with ESL Wire*
1.1 MB, Friday, 17 January 02:38, by Masad
* No longer available
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comments (21)
No AUG, accept?
Yeah cos u r scared so i ve to play without :)
76 reprezente :D
With or without aug.. same result. ♥
Haha, you know you are bad, if I had aim u would be so easy and u know it xD
U just roll around boxes 3 times, i shot 30 bullets and dont hit u once, you are horrible really.
Very ridiculous
Really easy for Turnz :s
Who are all of you nonames?
Really easy for Turnz :s
Next public hero
Stop cry man : " if i had.. if i had.."u have anything thats all.
Ur english is as good as ur gameplay xD
U have no brain. All esl players know that u r a kid spending his time crying when he lose.
'U have no brain'


U make my day, man u are horrible get over it XD
Idc i own u all time with or without aug :)
max is snack leave him alone
'own' xD

U dont own anyone you are bad
Napalmo please stfuu u could have pp's for game acc stupid kid. U r bad so don't speak with me. U think u r pro ? Just challenge one more time i need more pts ♥
U are a nobody ciao
and u who r u ?
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