madafaka vs. inconnu
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 0.  14.

Status: closed
MatchID 29245059
Date Monday, 18 November 21:30
Calculated Monday, 18 November 21:43
map Khyber
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0 : 5
inconnu wins !
Points -22 : +22
Monday, 18 November 21:40
uploaded with ESL Wire screenshot_129.jpg*
71 kB, Monday, 18 November 21:40, by inconnu
Monday, 18 November 21:43
uploaded with ESL Wire*
689 kB, Monday, 18 November 21:43, by madafaka
Monday, 18 November 21:40
uploaded with ESL Wire*
1.3 MB, Monday, 18 November 21:40, by inconnu
* No longer available
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comments (12)
very nice admins
every round killed me with rusher nade.
can only play with AUG
with Medic and Assault you are shit.
little kiddy
rematch without sniper easy
newcomer? ahah

0/5 eZ for newcomer
GG TURNZ, really easy, stop playing siickz u will be banned for fakematch it's so easy.
eZ 4 turnz
If he didnt play with aug he is so easy :'DDDD
We can make rematch without Sniper than we will see which player better is ;)
it's freewin ? No but it looks like ;)
Play again without sniper?
its not fobidden, where is the problem ? its like assaut
turnz eZ
I'll play without sniper but this time please !! dont rage quit !!!<3
You are just a big cryer :D
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Turnz worst player ever
Napalmo u losed against him, so what are u ?
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