FAQ: ESL Anticheat & Gameaccounts

Download ESL Anticheat
How do I add War Rock to ESL Anticheat?
  1. Install the latest version of ESL Anticheat. You can get it from this link
  2. Remove War Rock from ESL Anticheat if you have it already added
  3. Close ESL Anticheat
  4. Run ESL Anticheat as Administrator
  5. Locate the "Play" tab on ESL Anticheat and click "Add Game"
    1. Select "Add a game manually" and type "War Rock"
    2. Click "Browse" and locate WRLauncher.exe in the War Rock files
    3. Press "Next" and when prompted select "Add without keys"
    4. Wait for the game to start and fully load up, then close it when you see "Game Start" (before selecting the servers)
    5. You will see a list of executable files, make sure you select the one ending with "WarRock.exe"
  6. Press Finish
How do I test if my ESL Anticheat is set up correctly?
  1. Join the ESL Anticheat testing team - Password is "wireactest"
  2. Run ESL Anticheat. Find War Rock on your gamelist ("Play" tab)
  3. Select the "vs. Wire Anticheat team" match from the list. Anticheat option should be checked with gray color
  4. Run the game. Make sure, that the "Matchmedia upload" window didn't appear
  5. Play a few games to determine how Anticheat works on your PC. It can lower your FPS rate, be aware about it
  6. Quit the game. Now the "Matchmedia upload" window should appear - this is the signal, that Anticheat has stopped
  7. Go to the match page. There is the list of ESL Anticheat logfiles ran by all players - find your nick there. Check the login and logout dates. If they are correct, that means your ESL Anticheat is working perfectly!
Test your ESL Anticheat now!
How do I start a match with ESL Anticheat?
  1. Start ESL Anticheat (Please use Administrator privileges)
  2. Find War Rock on your gamelist. Right-click on it and select "Launch game". Select the match you are going to play (remember - match has to be open)
  3. Start the game. When you logged in to War Rock, check the page of the match. Look at the ESL Anticheat Logfiles - find your nickname in the list
  4. If you have only a login date (no logout), that means ESL Anticheat is working fine - you can play the match
  5. If you have an "early logout" (the same time of login and logout), you have to run Anticheat again. Remember to check it as well!
How do I add my Gameaccount?
  1. Go to one of our upcoming cups or ladder page.
  2. Locate the Sign up widget on the right
  3. Under Requirements, you can manage your Gameaccounts.
  4. Type in your exact War Rock nickname and confirm
How do I play a match in a cup?
  1. Sign Up
    First you have to sign up for the cup. 40 minutes before the cup starts you have to confirm your participation by checking in. If you could not make it earlier and want to sign up while check-in is in progress, a late sign up will start 15 minutes prior to cup start. Once you have signed up during this time, you will not need to check-in.

  2. Tournament tree
    A few minutes after the cup have officially started you can see the tournament tree by clicking on “bracket”. There you can see all teams in the bracket. As soon as the match is created you can see your match on the bottom of the page by clicking on your matches. Go to the Matchsheet. Here you can see all important information about your match.

  3. Match Chat
    To communicate with your opponents you can use the Match Chat. You find the match chat by hovering on “Matches” or in the ESL Anticheat client by clicking on your match.

  4. Start your game (via ESL Anticheat and with MOSS). Create a lobby with the respective settings of the Cup. You can find them in the rules. After creating the lobby, you must provide the room number and password to your opponents to join.
    Play your match and take a screenshot of the result.

  5. Enter the result
    After the match has finished, close your game and enter the result by clicking on “Match setup” at the Matchsheet. Remember to upload the screenshots of the results and the MOSS file generated, saved on your Desktop to the Matchmedia. After the match is closed you proceed in the tournament, if you have won.

  6. Protest
    If there is a problem in your match you can open a protest and an admin will help you. To open a protest click on “Match setup” at the Matchsheet and now on “Open Protest”. Here you can describe your problem. Please write exactly your problem and upload evidences that an admin can execute it faster without asking you again


Download MOSS
How do I use MOSS?
  1. Download MOSS and run it.
  2. Go to File - Parameters. Locate "Warrock" and select it, then press OK.
  3. Before you start your match, go to Capture - Start to start capturing.
  4. Run the game through ESL Anticheat (always with Administrator rights).
  5. Play your match and once you have finished, close the game.
  6. Go back onto MOSS and stop capturing (Capture - Stop). At this point, MOSS will create a .ZIP file on your Desktop in a folder named "MOSS".
  7. Locate the correct one for your match, and upload it to the Match media (see FAQ above).