What is Go4Warface?

The Go4Warface Series is free for everyone and all teams can sign up for it. The series is split into two tier, where the best six teams compete in the Monthly League and the other teams can qualify through the weekly cups.

Go4Warface Weekly Cups
All teams but the Go4Warface League teams are allowed to participate in the weekly Go4Warface Cups. The teams will earn Go4 ranking points and the best two teams after the month will then advance and play in the Go4Warface League of the next month. In the weekly cups the teams compete for ranking points as well as 10,500 Kredits and 1,200,000 WF$.

Go4Warface League
The six best teams from the previous month compete in a round robin league for a prize pot of up €1000 and 195,000 Kredits. They will play two matches each Sunday in a Best of 3 and after 4 weeks we will have a final ranking. At the end of the month the bottom two teams will then descend and are replaced by the top 2 teams of the December ranking for January.

Upcoming Cups

Monthly League

The Monthly League will take place the whole month. The league will consist of the best four teams from the previous month as well as the best two teams from the current month. They will compete for a total prize money of up to €1000.

Current Monthly Ranking

Full Monthly Ranking

Prize money distribution

medal_gold_3.png 1. €500
medal_silver_3.png 2. €300
medal_bronze_3.png 3. €100
+ 195,000 Kredits split between all teams

January League Champions

Full Rankings


Here we will list our community streamers, which are broadcasting the Go4Warface Cup Series.

How can you become a community caster?
If you want to stream some matches as well, make sure to open a support ticket, so we can arrange the needed observer permissions and add you to our coverage list.

Past Cups


  • The Go4Warface Series was started in August 2016

Monthly Rankings

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