Quick Rules

Platform: Battle.Net Europe (Northrend)
Channel: Clan MYM

  • Early Rounds: Best Of One
  • Quarter: Best of Three
  • Semi: Best of Three
  • Finals: Best of Three
  • Race: Players declare race before match start
  • Veto: Ban till best-of, pick remaining

Map Pool:
  • Amazonia
  • Concealed Hil
  • Echo Isles
  • Last Refuge
  • Northern Isle
  • Terenas Stand LV
  • Twisted Meadows

How to Play:
  • Get in contact with your opponent (via Battle.Net, Discord or chat on ESL website)
  • Start vetoing
  • One of the players hosts the game in Battle.net (Northrend) with full observers
  • Share the gamename in channel Clan MYM/ESL
  • The other player joins the gamelobby
  • Observer are not allowed to spectate the games, unless both players agree (Streamers are always allowed)
  • Both players report the result on ESL Play
  • The winner has to upload all replays

If your opponent does not stick to the rules, doesn't apear or in case of any trouble while playing the game, it is mandatory to report the issue to an admin of ESL Play.
Quick help and support can be requested in Discord aswell.

About Hosting:
Since Patch 1.30.2 everybody is able to host custom games in Battle.Net. The chosen server is based on the playerlocation. The european serverlocation is in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Unless both players agree to play on a different server, all games need to be hosted on the european server, therefore a european contestant or admin has to host the game.


Is this your first time? Here are the important steps:

  • Follow the instructions on the right to sign up and check in
  • If check in is enabled, make sure to check in on time
  • Wait for your first match to show up on the right
  • Get in contact with your opponent and play the match
  • Enter the result and ask your opponent to confirm
  • Wait for your next match

Still need help? During the cup, use chat if it is available, otherwise please contact support.

Match related issues must be handled via match protest.