How to Play:
  • Get in contact with your opponent (via Battle.Net, Discord or chat on ESL website)
  • Both players declare their race and start vetoing
  • One of the players hosts the game in (Europe) with full observers
  • Share the gamename in chat
  • The other player joins the gamelobby
  • Observer are not allowed to spectate the games (Streamers are always allowed)
  • Play your match with the declared race
  • Both players report the result on ESL Play
  • The winner has to upload all replays

Platform: Battle.Net Europe
Channel: ESL

  • Early Rounds : Best Of One
  • Semifinal : Best Of Three
  • Grand Final: Best Of Five
  • Race: Players must declare their race before veto
  • Veto: Ban till best-of, pick remaining

Lobby Settings:
  • Game Speed : Fast
  • Lock Teams: Yes
  • Full Shared Unit Control: No
  • Random Races: No
  • Random Hero: No
  • Observers: Full Observers
  • Visibility: Default

Map Pool:
  • Amazonia
  • Echo Isles
  • Last Refuge
  • Northren Islands
  • Terenas Stand_LV
  • Twisted Meadows
  • Concealed Hill

If your opponent does not stick to the rules, doesn't appear or in case of any trouble while playing the game, it is mandatory to open a protest ticket to report the issue to an admin of ESL Play.
Quick help and support can be requested in Discord aswell.