Hosting the games
Hosting the games became difficult in old days of Warcraft III. Thanks to our community friend Niels and all the players that provided cd-key for hostbot, we have a opportunity to Create the map for every match in tournaments.

Hosting the games

  • Games will be hosted by one of the ESL or Hostbot admin.

  • Games will be hosted on the hostbot that provides the fairest conditions to both participants. Admins have the authority to determine a hostbot.

  • Admins and players have to make sure that the correct map is hosted. A protest after the match has been played for more than one minute is void.

  • If one of the participants experiences temporary difficulties during a match, he has to communicate this to his opponent by taking a timeout.

  • If the problem is not fixable without leaving the game, it’s up to the ESL Admin to decide on how to proceed.

  • Host are based on lowest ping difference as followed:

    a) Asia/Australia vs EU = US West/East or Asian Russia hostbot

    b) America vs EU = US East/West and EU hostbot

    c) EU vs EU = Europe hostbot

    Need more help?

    During the cup join ESL Warcraft on Discord or open a Support Ticket

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WoKeR, Tuesday, 17/10/17 12:04
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