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What is VERSUS?

VERSUS is the matchmaking system from the ESL. It has never been easier to find people to play with! We have finally bridged the gap between public gaming and the competitive ladders of the ESL. Now everyone can easily get ranked playing team games - even without having their own team. Check it out! You will enjoy it!

  • Personal Ranking - Everyone gets their own personal ranking for each game, even in team games
  • VS. skill balancing - Modern skill balancing technology for fair and fun matches
  • Play for free - Everyone can play as much and as long as they want
  • Skill based points system - Play for VS. points to climb up the ranking
  • ESL Anticheat - VS. is using the world's safest anti cheat technology

How To VERSUS - General

How can I participate?
To be able to participate in VERSUS, you have to be registered on ESL website. Afterwards you can start VERSUS by choosing your game in the 'Choose Game' menu, then click on the ESL Major menu and with 'Play Ranked' you can start your search.

Does it cost anything to participate?
No. The use of VERSUS is free of any charge. However, there are several additional features available for you, if you are a premium member.
For additional information on the premium membership, please click here.

Where can I find the rules for my game?
After starting VERSUS and choosing your game, you will find a button on the right side of the VERSUS window, where you can find the button "Rules". There they are!

How To VERSUS - Problems during the match

Instant Leaver - Players aborting before the match start
In this case, the match has to be aborted (No result) and the player who aborted the match has to be reported as Leaver. Furthermore you should report such players separately via Support Ticket.

What is to do, if a player leaves the Match?
The match should still be played to the end. When entering the result, the player who left has to be marked as 'leaver'. Is this done by all remaining players, the short-handed team will not loose any points in case of a loss.

How To VERSUS - Reporting System - How to report troublemakers

How to report troublemakers?
To report any troublemaker, you have several options in VERSUS. First of all you can report them after you entered the result. Should you missed this option, you can still report a player on the match sheet within 12 hours after match time.

When do I use the Reporting System?
In general: Every misbehavior during a VERSUS match should be reported with the "Report player"-function. This includes any kind of insults, team kills, leaving a match, kicking players from the server and several more.

How long does it take, until a player gets banned?
To avoid any abuse, players will not be banned with the first report. This has basically two reasons. The first is, that any player can have a bad day and should not be punished immediately. The second reason as already mentioned: abuse.
Should a player being reported several times by individual players in different matches, he will receive an automatic ban by the system. The period of the ban will increase with every new ban.

Why can I not report players via Support Ticket?
Players can be reported via support ticket, if the offense fits into the categories "Unwanted Content" or "Unwanted Behavior". This includes any type of racist comments, posting pornographic content, or anything similar.
Everything else has to be reported with the "Report player"-function. VERSUS is a large system, based on automatism. The old known support system would simply not fit the amount of players we have on VERSUS.

How To VERSUS - Submit a Veto - getting a wrong result corrected

When to file a veto?
A veto should only be filed if your opponent didn´t vote the correct result and the match wasn´t rated. A veto can be filed within 12h after the match is closed.
Note: A veto can only be used to get a matchresult corrected. A veto can not be used to get rid of a false leaver mark, nor to report players (e.g. cheating).

Which evidence do we need to check a veto?
Generally, you should only use screenshots to get a veto checked as quick as possible. Uploading demos and replays means a higher effort for the veto admin and results in longer processing times. In addition, screenshots must proof the match result clearly. If the uploaded proofs don´t proof the match result clearly, the veto will be rejected.