Spring Season 2017
In Spring 2017, a new journey is ahead for all the duelers in Unreal Tournament. Among standard prizes like ESL Premium codes and UT goodies we are introducing a gaming equipment prize worth 100€ for the Champion!
Read about league structure in the news.

Duel League

We are going to feature a new league structure. There will be 3 Single Elimination qualification cups. Unqualified players will be able to sign-up to each of those cups to fight for groupstage. Top 8 players from those cups are going to play in 2 Round Robin groups after which top 4 players proceed to fight in Single Elimination playoffs in order to become the Spring League Champion and win prizes.


When (CEST) Where Top X proceed
23/04 19:00 Duel Spring League Qualification Cup #1 Europe 3
25/04 20:00 Duel Spring League Qualification Cup #2 Europe 3
27/04 20:00 Duel Spring League Qualification Cup #3 Europe 2

Groupstage & Playoffs

Round Robin schedule will be arranged subsequently with the qualified players. It will not take more then 3 weeks to finish all matches. Playoffs will follow shortly after, most probably few days after groupstage is done.


The playoffs winner will get this exclusive Spring Award,
UT swag pack,
ESL Shop 10€ Discount &

100€ worth of gaming equipment of choice!

1st place: 3 month Premium
2nd place: 2 month Premium
3rd place: 1 month Premium

Info & support

If you have any queries or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via Support Ticket or join our Discord.

Pickup games

If you're looking to get involved in some of the action leading up to the cups, why not check out UnrealPUGs Discord for even more Unreal action!

Vote for more ladders in forum thread.

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