FAQ: ESL Anticheat

How do I add Unreal Tournament 4 to ESL Anticheat?

  1. Install the latest version of ESL Anticheat. You can get it from this link and you can read about the compatibility of ESL Anticheat here.
  2. Run ESL Anticheat as system administrator.
  3. Click on the "Play" tab in ESL Anticheat and click on "Add game" then "Add a game manually".
  4. Select Unreal Tournament 4 from the list.
  5. Browse for "UE4-Win64-Shipping.exe" from the game directory (\Epic Games\UnrealTournament\Engine\Binaries\Win64).
  6. Please wait until the progress bar reach 100% in the next window. ESL Anticheat may detect the registry keys connected to "UE4-Win64-Shipping.exe". Just click Next or Add without keys.
  7. Now ESL Anticheat will try to launch the game but will get an error. Click OK on the popup and close the error. This error is harmless and will be resolved in a later version of the game. Click Done and OK.
  8. In the Play tab, find newly added “Unreal Tournament 4” under “Installed games”, right click on it, “Set launch options…”, paste “UnrealTournament” (yes, without space), click OK. You have successfully added UT to ESL Anticheat.

How do I test if my ESL Anticheat is set up correctly?

  1. Join the ESL Anticheat Test team
  2. Restart/run ESL Anticheat. In the Play tab, (probably under # More Matches) select the "vs. ESL Anticheat Test" match with the UT4 picture (Outpost). Double-click it or right click and Launch. Anticheat option should be checked.
  3. Launch the game (start button). Make sure that the "Matchmedia upload" window didn't appear.
  4. Play a game for few minutes to determine if game is working well. ESL Anticheat works better with fewer background applications running.
  5. Quit the game. Now the "Matchmedia upload" window should appear - this is the signal that Anticheat has correctly ended after your game has. For the purpose of this tutorial, just click Close. If there was a real match, you can use this to upload result screenshot/s.
  6. Go to the Web page of the match (via right click on the match in ESL Anticheat). There is the list of Anticheat logfiles ran by all players - find your nick there. Check the login and logout dates. If they are correct, that means your ESL Anticheat is working perfectly!
  7. You can now leave the Test team.

How do I start a match with ESL Anticheat (after successful test)?

  1. Start Epic Games Launcher and login.
  2. Start ESL Anticheat as System Administrator. In the Play tab select the match you are going to play (remember - match has to be in status Open). Right-click on it and select "Launch game".
  3. All checkboxes must be checked and in dropdown must be selected your match. Now Click Start.
  4. When you logged into Unreal Tournament, check the web page of the match, find ESL Anticheat Logfiles - find your nickname in the list. If you have only a login date (no logout), that means ESL Anticheat is working fine - you can play the match. If you have an "early logout" (the same date of login and logout), you have to run ESL Anticheat again. Remember to check it as well! You can now close Epic Games Launcher if needed.
  5. When you played your match, close Unreal Tournament, wait for ESL Anticheat to do his stuff and upload result screenshots.
Note that ESL Staff is not responsible for any game related issues and has no impact on 3rd party software malfunctions. Any issues caused by this or similar errors e.g. missing ESL Anticheat logout, will be treated as stated in league specific rules.