The Premiership

What is The Premiership?
The Premiership is the competition for the best players in the United Kingdom and Ireland, boasting four titles that players can take part in: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch and Hearthstone.

Despite only being in our third year, The Premiership has seen over £100,000 given away in prizes to the most talented players across two countries and we are looking to continue to expand that throughout the whole of 2017.

The Premiership Format Q1 2017
For our first season in 2017 we'll be running an Open Qualifier for League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive between January 9th-12th.

This will be done in two stages, The Swiss and The Invitational on the 9th and 10th of January for CS:GO and 11th and 12th for LoL.

The Swiss cup will be run across a number of games with each team playing against another team with the same win-loss record each round. This will separate out the top 16 teams who will then be invited into the 2nd day of competition (Invitational cup below) for a double elimination bracket to find our 8 Premiership teams.

We'll be promoting the 8 best teams from the Open Qualifiers up to the Premiership, which will be kicking off on January 16th, for an intense seven-week round robin showing off matches between all of our teams. Those who have put in the hard work to reach the top of the table will be invited to our 2017 Season 1 finals as we look to crown our Premiership champions.

For Hearthstone we are running a 16-man limited swiss group stage which will find the top eight teams battling it out in a double elimination bracket where the top four players will compete at MCM Comic Con in London to seek the Victor of the UK and Ireland.

Good Luck, Have Fun

How do I participate in the The Premiership?

Your path to becoming a Premiership player starts right here with the Open Premiership Qualifiers.

Keep your eyes peeled for information on the Hearthstone and Overwatch qualifiers very soon!

Requirements of Participation
All active participants in the The Premiership must be 16 years old. Individual players or team majorities must reside within the
United Kingdom or

The Premiership Tournaments