Aurora Racing SPS 9 vs. against All authority.Speed
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 Aurora Racing SPS 9
 against All authority.Speed
Status: closed
MatchID 34898018
Date Sunday, 14/05/17 14:00
Calculated 21/05/17 18:01
map SPS8 mappacks 6-7
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4 : 2
Aurora Racing SPS 9 wins !
21/05/17 15:37
5-2 AR*
344 kB, 21/05/17 15:37, by Rexine (AR)
21/05/17 15:37
7-1 aAa*
386 kB, 21/05/17 15:37, by Rexine (AR)
21/05/17 15:37
7-2 AR*
343 kB, 21/05/17 15:37, by Rexine (AR)
21/05/17 15:37
7-4 AR*
392 kB, 21/05/17 15:37, by Rexine (AR)
* No longer available

Aurora Racing SPS 9

comments (20)
Hello once again guys
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default or later on sunday should be fine

might have to move the match to next week with the mp update
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Indeed, let's wait and see what upcoming days have in store for us
when do you want to do this?
To be honest, I'd like to postpone this to next week so that everyone has time to get used to MP4. Besides, I personally can't play "seriously" anymore since I only have ~15 fps now, so having 1 more week to try settling all this would be preferable if you don't mind
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dont want to play this weekend. our servers are still messed up. points dont show up, replays dont save, plugins freeze and its a slideshow in rounds mode.
if we HAVE to play this week, we could probably make it happen, but its going to be a mess.
Yes can't agree more about all this, most of the points you listed have to be fixed before even trying to play our match.
So if admins agree, let's postpone this
next sunday def or later works for us
well host
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We're missing 1 or even 2 important players on sunday, would it be possible for you to play on Monday 21 CEST instead ?
Fine by me, we'll play on your server
we can do a bit earlier on sunday if later does not work, but monday is definitely not a possibility
What about Tuesday?
We could gather enough players on sunday but that would be a losing game for us with these missing players
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para and cyber cant do the weekdays. has to be sunday
I've just had a talk with Rasque upon that, actually I asked him if it was possible to postpone this to next weekend given that we can't find a common date at the moment, although I know we should only move a match up to 7 days after the default date according to the rules but we both moved the match a 1st time because of MP4 and not because of unavailability.
Anyway, he's fine with moving it once again, in spite of SNC and CPS starting then.
Believe me it's not a pleasure for me to postpone again, i'd like this match to be already played actually, but I just want a fair match.
were not moving this.
You can't force this you know, it's not even default date.
Try to be a bit cooperative please
cooperative? like how you forgot to mention you have a working server last week? or how you said your game doesnt have more than 15 fps, but when i joined your server your game seemed to be running just fine though you had to immediately go into spec?
you already said you have enough players, the match is already moved by a week. well see you tomorrow or its a default
Wow. Why would I mention it ? We never said that we didn't have a working server. This was the very first time we experimented Rounds on the serv when you came, besides the main reason why (from our side) we postponed last week was to get used to mp4 given that we had not that much time to train already.
Regarding my fps, they went up day by day but they're still quite low (around 20fps now), it's playable indeed although not as enjoyable as on mp3 but well. Oh and I just went into spec to talk to you, stop seeing evil all around please.

Yea we have, as much as you have enough players on weekdays I'm pretty sure (without Para and Cyber tho, like us without Inf and surely Kid).
Don't get me wrong, I'm just hoping to have a fair match, thinking that you would as well. That's why we won't play tomorrow and still hope to find a common arrangement.
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the rules state that the default date overrides any other. the match can be moved up to 7 days. tomorrow is the last day. well see you there
That's why I asked Rasque, as I said above (#13), if we could postpone it again in spite of the rules seeing as MP4 update made both of us move our match a first time (without this update we'd have played on default date and we wouldn't be there). And he agreed (check rule 1.1 if you want), so please let's try to find a date that fits both of us.
were not going to wait another week to play the first match on these maps. its hard enough to keep players motivated for this long with the break we took. your team alone is forcing the entire competition to last another week. i dont think you have any understanding of what fair play means. it sucks that you dont have your ultimate lineup, but as long as you have enough players for the match, its complete bullshit to move the match
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