against All authority.Speed vs. sef.Gaming SPS9
Contestants Parameters
 9.  7.

 against All authority.Speed
 sef.Gaming SPS9
Status: closed
MatchID 34740982
Date Sunday, 23/04/17 14:00
Calculated 23/04/17 16:52
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4 : 2
against All authority.Speed wins !
Points +3 : 0

against All authority.Speed

sef.Gaming SPS9

comments (6)
Hey !
deftime or later should be ok for us
Yo sef !

We'd like to play at 21:00 cet if that's possible for you?

And we can host if you want :)
alright :) 21:00 your server
(our server got some problems)
Perfect, I'll send you pw few minutes before the match starts :)

Cya there!
gg, good luck in further matches :)
Likewise, gg!
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