MaDrivers Team vs. Canyon Kweens
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 MaDrivers Team
 Canyon Kweens
Status: closed
MatchID 33680338
Date Sunday, 08/05/16 10:15
Calculated 08/05/16 10:42
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7 : 0
MaDrivers Team wins !
08/05/16 10:40
CPS Quali first match*
241 kB, 08/05/16 10:40, by ManNni (CK²)
* No longer available

Canyon Kweens

comments (5)
Hey, guys do you mind playing 5vs5? We're a lot of players with little to no experience in stadium so we just want to get as many players as possible to drive :p
Hey, yea thats fine for us ;) Also we can host (server with fast)
Ok, cool! So 16.15 CEST is also possible for you?


Europe -> Poland -> swietokrzystkie
pw: terefere
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