MnM Gaming vs. Planetkey-Dynamics
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 MnM Gaming
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MatchID 31612817
Date Tuesday, 21/07/15 14:00
Calculated 21/07/15 15:06
map CPS15 3rd mappack
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4 : 0
MnM Gaming wins !

MnM Gaming


comments (9)
Yo MnM!

We'd prefer playing on tuesday 20cet.
We can host.

Best for us would be to play Wednesday at 21 CET. Is that possible for u guys?
Actually we have players missing at every weekday due the matchday change of your quarter final. Tuesday would be the best for us. Hope you guys can organise it!
It's funny how the default date and time is favorable only for you.It's not only our fault for the quarter-final change.
And please stop acting like your team is the only one playing these playoffs. We are supposed to agree on a time, not to enforce one and others should "organise it".
we can agree on a time tomorrow, np, but this is the only day which is comfortable for us to be honest.

Why should we agree to play on wednesday if we are not able to?
That was not my point. Anyway I think we can have a decent line up for tomorrow at 20. Cya tomorrow. You hosting is fine.
Hey teams, would very much like to cast this match in English. Let me know if that's alright. GLHF.
Sure fB, we would appreciate it as usual :)
gg wp, cya next tournament :)
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