Easy.eSports vs. MaDrivers Team
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 MaDrivers Team
Status: closed
MatchID 32099573
Date Sunday, 10/01/16 14:00
Calculated 13/01/16 02:53
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1Major Penalty  for  MaDrivers Team
    ( Faking/Ringing )

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6 : 0
Easy.eSports wins !
Points +3 : 0
comments (4)
Hey MD,
nice to meet you.

We are able to play at deftime and are willing to host.

How about you?
Hey eK,
nice to meet you too.

Deftime is fine to us, also we can host :D let will be your decision on which server will we play.
We've decided that we would like to host ourselves.

server: eK.Tech2
password: match

cu at deftime. gl hf
gg, great perfomance eK :)
good luck in the future
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