A New Era vs. Fanatics! Warriors
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 20.  32.

 A New Era
 Fanatics! Warriors
Status: closed
MatchID 31452785
Date Sunday, 21/06/15 14:00
Calculated 21/06/15 16:37
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6 : 0
A New Era wins !
Points +3 : 0

A New Era

Fanatics! Warriors

comments (8)
Heya Fanatics, def time and our server?
possible play in your server?
F! server not good for it^^
Ane guys possible play 21cet?
sry for the late answer, for some reason my comments aren't send here sometimes o.o yes, we can play on our server and sry but no, 21 CET isn't possible for us :/
so what's now guys? we can't play at another date so deftime now???
play today 20:30cet maybe best?
well, as i said we can't play later than deftime :s
server: ANEPrivate
pw: wat
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