Portugal vs. The Baltics
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 8.  6.

 The Baltics
Status: closed
MatchID 31452395
Date Sunday, 21 June 18:00
Calculated Monday, 22 June 00:49
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4 : 21
The Baltics wins !
Points 0 : +3


The Baltics

The Baltics
21/06/15 11:15
Tech: Kulvi, Andax, B1ts, CS. Subs: whoever feels like carrying.
Speed: Atamic, Shadow, K.Kemzura, Space. Subs: our national champion mast3r and others.
Dirt: Kikers, Vennike, CS, Atamis. Subs: anyone who still didn't get cancer from previous dirtmaps.


21/06/15 09:32
Pre-match Statement
They work very well as team, and we are in a very strong group so GL Baltics
The Baltics
20/06/15 07:42
She was gentle
Ah, Portugal. We have such a long history with her. I remember when we used to play with sand back when we were kids. And do some other things Kappa. Time flew so fast, though...

Back to the present. We meet again after a year of not seeing each other, both with some significant changes from inside, and outside as well. This is a promising reunion, and I expect an interesting outcome, hopefully for the best of us both. That is, that I will be on top.
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