Hungary vs. The Baltics
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 12.  10.

 The Baltics
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Date Sunday, 14 June 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 14 June 22:07
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12 : 17
The Baltics wins !
Points 0 : +3


The Baltics

The Baltics
14/06/15 10:27
Baltic lineup
Tech: Etu, Andax, kulvi, B1ts. Subs: cs, Hellscythe, Matroxx.
Dirt: Vennike, Kikers, B1ts, K.Kemzura. Subs: Space.
Speed: Atamic, Shadow, K.Kemzura, Space. Subs: B1ts.
The Baltics
13/06/15 11:17
Here we go
A bit more than a week has passed after Lithuania's 0-4 agony playing on the football pitch against "Hungary". However, this match provides a great opportunity to restore faith in our country and our (e-)sportsmen with the help of the other two Baltic nations. Thus, our players will give it all to leave "Hungary" hungry for points in a possible 21-0 outcome and lead our team into the first victory this season.

On the other side of this match-up against "Hungary" we have the ESL admin showdown. While the admin count on both sides is not equal, both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. Baltics have three young and willing to prove themselves administrators - Space, Hellscythe and myself - but on the other side of the barricades there is Rasque, armed with experience and knowledge. Will the rookies defeat their boss and if they do, will "Hungarian" Rasque take revenge against the trio by overloading them with admin tasks. Find out this Sunday at 18:00 CEST.

12/06/15 12:13
Pre-match statement
Our next opponent is "The Baltics". It consists of three nations. We dont know them exactly, but if we look at their line-up, we can see some strong players there. Last time they played a draw against Austria, it can also prove their strong performance.

We have two defeats at the moment, but we did a much better performance in the second match against Sweden, than in the first match against Portugal. So we did better performance round by round. If we could keep this trend, we have good chance to achieve a great result against "The Baltics".

Good luck and have fun!
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