Austria vs. The Baltics
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 The Baltics
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Date Sunday, 07 June 18:00
Calculated Tuesday, 09 June 01:01
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16 : 16
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The Baltics

The Baltics
08/06/15 13:15
Dirt: Vennike, Kikers, B1ts, Space. Subs: Atamic, K.Kemzura
Tech: Kulvi, Etu, CyberShot, B1ts. Subs: whoever comes
FS: Shadow, Atamic, K.Kemzura, B1ts. Subs: Space
08/06/15 14:19
Tech: PokeR, PeZi, Speedy, Zammy | Sub: everyone else
Speed: Fuchs, Rachel, Speedy, Stonem | Sub: everyone else
Dirt: senfti, Bomba, Speedy, orso | Sub: everyone else
02/06/15 18:03
Next stop, Baltics. Although they lost against France we expect a very though and close match on all environments. The aggregation of the three nations seems to make them a strong contender for a play-off spot. As we have seen the other match results we believe the upcoming match will have a decisive touch to it.
We are confident to show our strengths on tech and speed again and hopefully we can gather a few points on dirt that has been our Achilles heel for the last few years.
Nevertheless we are hoping for an interesting and thrilling match. We have tried to prepare properly to prevent a poor performance.
Good luck and have fun mates!
The Baltics
05/06/15 08:02
We meet Austria
Our next stop is Austria. After winning the Eurovision last year they got 0 points this time so they must be feeling crushed and hopeless. Truly devastated.
As such, we hope to take advantage of that situation and strike them with our full strength. We know they still have some strong players, so I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to get a point or two.
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