France vs. The Baltics
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 2.  10.

 The Baltics
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Date Sunday, 31 May 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 31 May 19:38
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21 : 7
France wins !
Points +3 : 0


The Baltics
31/05/15 11:29
Baltic Lineup
Dirt: Kikers, Vennike, K.Kemzura, B1ts. Subs: everyone else
FullSpeed: Shadow, Atamic, K.Kemzura, B1ts. Subs: everyone else
Tech: MX, Etu, Kulvi, B1ts. Subs: everyone else

30/05/15 13:26
First encounter
Newly formed, the Baltics will be our first opponents! A a fusion of 3 nations, they clearly have the potential to surprise us, especially on the Tech environment.
France preparation has been kinda "express" (line-up edits, late discussion group setups, etc.), so let's see if the Baltics can leverage this, and above all : let's hope for a nice match !
The Baltics
30/05/15 10:49
First time for the Baltics
It's the first time that all three Baltic countries are participating in a tournament together. We've achieved pretty decent results as Lithuania last time, thus we will try to do the same if not better with a few additional players from Latvia and Estonia.

Now about our opponents from France, the glorious TrackMania country. As always, they have a strong lineup with some well known players and I guess we can all agree that they are the clear favorites of the match. Anyways, it will be interesting to see how do we stack up against them.
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