Denmark vs. North America
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 North America
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MatchID 31452383
Date Sunday, 28/06/15 12:00
Calculated 29/06/15 13:05
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1Major Penalty  for  North America
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21 : 0
Denmark wins ! (Default Win)
Points +3 : 0
26/06/15 18:27
Pre-match statement
Our last match in this tournament. Last week we secured our first victory against United Kingdom, this week we are facing North America. NA have been struggling to gather the team due to the different time zones. Hopefully we will see the hole team showing up for the match to give a great fight! - GL HF :-)
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Hey NA,

I have a doodle out for the team. Which times do you usually prefer?
I have asked the team for 16-22 CEST from Friday to Sunday.
NA ??

Will you be there 18:00 CEST?
- We can provide the server
If we have a match can we drive tech last? I will be there a bit later
If we have a match can we drive tech last? I will be there a bit later
Sure Rider :-)

People haven't shown up since we dont know when to drive.. Our Line Up might be:

Tech: Rider, Kinch, Yeti + more
Speed: Slow, Jakeray, Indi and MCLAM
Dirt: Arpe, Fupz, MCLAm and Yeti

Changes might occur!

Server details:
name: nations challenge - denmark
pass: davs
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Can you write here if they show up? ;)
its 18:20, NA didn't show up.
No sign of them?
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