Portugal vs. The Baltics
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 7.  10.

 The Baltics
Status: closed
MatchID 32083848
Date Sunday, 06 December 21:00
Calculated Monday, 07 December 07:13
map NDC 2015 mappacks
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18 : 13
Portugal wins !
Points +3 : 0
Monday, 07 December 01:22
Round 1*
182 kB, Monday, 07 December 01:22, by 7688786 (.tuga)
Monday, 07 December 01:22
Round 2 - - Talula*
157 kB, Monday, 07 December 01:22, by 7688786 (.tuga)
Monday, 07 December 01:22
Round 3 - - Talula*
192 kB, Monday, 07 December 01:22, by 7688786 (.tuga)
* No longer available


The Baltics

06/12/15 19:43
Game Report
Hi Admins.
Don't know what is in the referee report but she told me that she'll make it.
Kikers or DDR Kikers before 1st map asked about the login of concha. Saying that concha it's not a valid player!?!?! Remind you that concha it's also a DDR player.
Portugal won the first map 7-4.
At the beginning of 2nd map, they were redundant about if should be B1ts or Arnodelo to play. Arnodelo was going to, but then they question B1ts about playing and they decided that B1ts will. So.... they ask about 2 more WU, and i, stray away say YES. No problem, looks like that there was a big storm around the Baltics tonight. And in the middle of all that uncertainty Kikers again ask for concha login. So i have to leave WU get piss off and come here make a screen of concha Profile and send to Chrissie on facebook. So the map that i won in 150 points in selections for the match i was the worst one playing and we lost 7-4.
I leave a folder to download with Concha in game login, ESL profile, and is DDR profile where you can see is last login in a competition.
Funny that they from same team and kikers trying to win it on the desk and not on tracks.

Best regards
The Baltics
07/12/15 01:36
Hi talula
First Concha is DDR players, but registered a login (concept) http://www.xaseco.org/metastats.php?mp=conchapt

and if you check your team aspiresa not gameacout http://play.eslgaming.com/trac...2015/team/members/8648460/
how admins and I know that you are honest ?

Secondly I wanted to draw the attention of administrators and judges so that they better do their job and I understand the EU is a serious organization and think everything should be fair
example in the CPS rules is point:
Playing without a Gameaccount: 2 Minor PPs and the submatch where the player drove will be lost

gl in next matches talula :)
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