MaLaQuAsh vs. Twister Eagles
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 7.  11.

 Twister Eagles
Status: closed
MatchID 34069425
Date Sunday, 18/09/16 14:00
Calculated 18/09/16 15:03
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6 : 0
MaLaQuAsh wins !
Points +3 : 0
18/09/16 15:01
Round 1*
285 kB, 18/09/16 15:01, by Wulf (TWE)
18/09/16 15:03
Round 1*
85 kB, 18/09/16 15:03, by Marius 89 (MaLaQuAsh)
18/09/16 15:03
Round 2 - ScrewD. - Marius 89*
150 kB, 18/09/16 15:03, by Marius 89 (MaLaQuAsh)
18/09/16 15:01
Round 2 - TWE - Wulf*
381 kB, 18/09/16 15:01, by Wulf (TWE)
18/09/16 15:04
Round 3 - ScrewD. - Marius 89*
118 kB, 18/09/16 15:04, by Marius 89 (MaLaQuAsh)
18/09/16 15:01
Round 3 - TWE - Wulf*
376 kB, 18/09/16 15:01, by Wulf (TWE)
18/09/16 15:05
Round 4 - ScrewD. - Marius 89*
142 kB, 18/09/16 15:05, by Marius 89 (MaLaQuAsh)
18/09/16 15:02
Round 4 - TWE - Wulf*
517 kB, 18/09/16 15:02, by Wulf (TWE)
* No longer available

Marius 89


Twister Eagles



comments (10)
hey :)
hey, sorry , i had an stressfull weekend.

would you like to drive on that sunday???
can you host a server???

the only server we could use is in the TM2 Multienvi Titlepack. If all players have that Titlepack, we could play there. Otherwise we have to play on your server or an ESL server.

About Sunday: I must discuss it with my team, but Lars said he might be missing on Sunday, so maybe we can look for alternatives early enough, to be safe. How about Saturday for example? Or Wednesday? Thursday and Friday might be difficult for me as I have my birthday on Friday. :D
ok, i check it with my team. and i think we all have the titelpack.
Saturday or Sunday?

Though Sunday looks really bad for us. I'´m not very sure if we have 3 players there. Saturday looks good.

If it has to be Sunday, we have to organise a bit at which time exactly it would work. It seems like Lars and maybe asier are missing the whole time, shorty has 20:00 STC and Quentin 21:00 his Solomatch, that's the problem.
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Saturday is bad for us. Sunday is no problem for us. but we can also play on wednesday. there we have our regular trainday and we are all ready ;)
and we all have the multienvi pack. so we can use your server?
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I must ask Them. I assume the playweek for this match ends on this Sunday. In ESL you can't move matches days behind the default date, you can only play it in the week before the default date. If you have the whole Sunday evening some time, we might find a good time to play it I guess.


We can play Sunday 20:00! ;)
shorty doesn't play STC, so he is available for Canyon.

About server: riolu's server went down suddenly, so we have to use yours or an official ESL server.
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You guys gonna play today at 20:00 cest? (Interested in streaming, no guarantees yet, as there is another team match too, maybe dual cam in stream for both matches..?)
as you want :D
yes we can play today. and no we don´t have an server. so we must drive on an esl server.

i´m on server #3
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