Trackmania to leave ESL in June 2018
After 11 years, the uncrowned king of car simulation games with its potential withdraws from the platform of the Electronic Sports League.


Everyone could possibly sense the change in the world of esports since already 5-6 years. In the world we live in as gamers, Trackmania cannot really compare to the highest level of people involved. Several big organisations decided to drop their legendary TM squads, to cancel the Trackmania competition in their LANs, player legends are leaving, which simply doesn't help in keeping Trackmania as a part of the worlds biggest esports organisation, Electronic Sports League.

The quality standards which form ESL since a long time, now is unfollowable with the small community which Trackmania can show up. Despite its potential, the world turns, people change, and that is alright.

There were numerous times when we asked for your help to make the activity grow here, in whatever game, or modes, we believe we made almost everything possible for our admins.

However today, with the Trackmania Esports Organisation, we can see a lot of admins running their own tournament, many times overlapping each other and not letting for players to have some rest. The diversity is always a good thing, but sometimes it ends up killing legends, such as - as we think - more than 10 years old series of successful tournaments, for example the ESL TM premiership system, or the Country Championship aka Stadium Nations Challenge. We love these tournaments but cannot force it when we have everything else around, supported by money/other organisations. However do not think this was a reason to stop, it is only one aspect.

In short, the more help we needed, the less we got, also the more tournaments have been announced elsewhere. We took this as a sign.

Money is a tempting instrument to push your cup for the pro scene, while there are thousands of other players to be kept engaged. We always tried to offer games for everyone, where, we believe, there is no sense to put prizes in.

For years, Trackmania was part of the ESL Major Series. Those times were still uncomparable to the world of esports today, but actually, everyone who can recall those times, we all considered it the online world championship for Trackmania.

Once more, ESL run a prized tournament, a Go4 Trackmania some time later, but since then, no other partners supported the game anymore.

Since ESL a platform which offers opportunity to partners, we had no possibility to run after companies and beg for money. But as it was said above: we more and more believed to offer gaming to everyone.

Things we are proud of

Started TM as soon as it was possible back in 2007
Founding the premiership system
Announcing ESL Major Series Trackmania
Preventing you from cheaters, fakers with fair signup /profile system
Running Country Championship/SNC to gather players together
Continuous improvements on the premiership rulebook
Go4 Trackmania
Leaving TMNF behind and pushing TM2
Developing TM2 Stadium with the Competition Titlepack, giving new tools and a whole new empire of your imagination
Establishing the Competition Campaign for reaching new possible players - soon™
and finally, letting some more space for even better tournaments from 2018 on

Thank you

We would like to thank everyone for their support and that you chose us in the previous 11 years. Big thanks goes also for our Community Management, for our former admins and our current admins.

So how will it happen?

The Atlas RPG Cup will still end normally. During this time, we will wrap things up, and will talk with the current admins how to go on after this point.

There are numerous questions/problems to solve, which will be taken care of in the upcoming month. Tournaments we created, game addons (aka Competition Titlepack), sofficial signs, etc.

In case we know more exact information about these things, we are going to inform you. Should you have questions, leave them here under the news or in Facebook/Discord.

Stay informed!

Rasque, Friday, 13/04/18 06:51
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I said it on my Facebook page and I will say it here: It’s a very sad moment for me personally. Thanks to all of you who made this game great and who supported “my game” on it’a way up. I learned a lot in those times and I had a lot of fun. I will always remember!
That's a pretty sad news here since ESL was actually running some prestigious cups which I enjoyed watching, playing and helping in. Anyways I am pretty sure we will some similar cups, perhaps organized by the same admins, see you soon :)
Very sad day man. Thanks a lot for all the past events. Sucks to see this big side of TM dying. Will it maybe return in the future if TM 'maybe' picks up again?
Thanks to all who kept the game alive here by participing in tournaments and supporting the community. I will never forget the great time we had in the past! Especially I want to thank all Admins I got in contact with, before or after my active time!
DeathDriver wrote:
Thanks to all of you who made this game great

Nice to see you still lurking DD!

It was great to be part of the ESL Pro Series, the ESL Major Series, ESL Premiership and all the ESL Night Cups which used to be hosted, plus others! But sadly all good things must come to an end.

Thanks to ESL for all the effort that you guys have put in over the years to provide us with a competitive reliable environment to use! :) All the best to everyone!
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Sad news for this unforgettable game,
Atm we only have to say thank ESL for all these years and comps spent with you but today if we want to continue to make this game live and (maybe) bring it back to the notoriety it once had, we will have to stay patient and welded

Whatever happens this game is and will always be alive

See you asap
It's really sad that everyone (starting with Nadeo) wants to kill Trackmania. Trackmania was probably the best online game ever - it was trully democratic, You don't need to be rich to be one of the best players in the world unlike most all the online games today.
I hope they don't shut the servers down so the few of us will be able to keep playing it.
So sad news guys :(
When I started playing, the ESL logo made such a special feeling to me because it represented the gamers élite. Over time, I've been proud of taking part to your competitions and this special feeling has never left me at all.
It will be hard to accept your decision but I do understand your points.
Thank you so much for all the efforts you made through the years.
Quantum Lewis
I play TM since beginning and ESWC and although I had breaks with playing this game, it's say that ESL decided to stop tournaments. Hope we can see it again the future.
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