Maniaplanet 4: Information & Help
Maniaplanet 4 has been pushed to public as a pre-release version, and there are many questions in the air...we would like to answer your questions and help you to quickly catch up in technical problems.

Maniaplanet 4

For the people who did not find out everything or nothing at all, let us show two trailers; these tell enough. ;)

ESL and Maniaplanet 4

Do you guys want to postpone current/planned competitions?
Even if the start felt a bit rough, all we know about the problems will let us continue everything as planned.

What will happen with the maps?
SPS9: all maps are already converted, see the news

CEPIII: No postpone is planned for now. TheM will check the Laps mode on Friday and will give a headsup which will be the final decision.

CPS 18 & SNC 2017: In case you have already submitted a map, please convert it to MP4 version and

Send your converted maps to

We thank you if you note that it is a MP4 map!


Since there are still a small chaos about whats going on, we would like to shed a light on the facts and also how you can easily catch up with the hosters/players already enjoying Maniaplanet 4.


The new game runs on DirectX 11. DX9 cards are officially not supported - but might run the game.
All maps, just like from TMNF to TM2, need to be re-converted. You can just open the editor and save.
No popular server controllers will be continued to be compatible with Maniaplanet 4 (XAseco and Fast). However, there are a very few alternatives, like ManiaControl which is suitable for competitions. More details below.
So far there is no news whether and when Dedimania will support Maniaplanet 4. There are plans to upgrade it, as well as to develop a totally new system. Currently this info has not been officially approved.
Favourite servers are missing yet, as well as servers from title pack server browsers. Check out how to join servers below.

Map conversion

If you want to convert more maps or you cannot open them in editor, you can use a batch method. Here is what you have to do:

1. Backup all maps by renaming "Maps" folder in your user data directory to anything else (like "Maps2" or whatever).
2. Create new "Maps" folder and put all maps you want to convert here.
3. Go to your game installation directory (where ManiaPlanet.exe is).
4. Create file named "ConvertMaps.bat" in this directory (or just any name ending with *.bat), with notepad as txt then rename to .bat
5. Put this command in this file (change /titles= accordingly):

ManiaPlanet.exe /computeallshadows /upgrademaps /useronly /fullcheck /LmQuality=High /titles=TMCanyon

6. Run the *.bat file.
7. ManiaPlanet will compute the shadows of these maps.
8. ???
9. Profit.
//by Dommy

Hosting servers - on is already offering to switch your server to Maniaplanet 4 version. Here is a simple way how you can make your server maxed - for the moment. You need to shut down your server in case it is still running.

1. Set your Maniaplanet version from 3 to 4 - find this selection menu near the middle of the control panel.
2. Choose ManiaControl as your controller - nothing else will work for now.
3. You will need to run your server in Script mode in order to run ManiaControl and have all the new features. To do this, select a script Matchsettings file and save it as your Matchsettings.
4. You have to go to the new Player Page's Dedicated server section. Enter your servers credentials here (yes, even if you had it in MP3, it need to be re-entered now.
5. Now start your server.
6. As admin, you have to update ManiaControl now. To do this, join your server and type //coreupdate (with two slashes) in the chat.
7. You will get an error here, but ignore it (NC1 doesn't run linux, so the autoupdate fails here, but only the start). So after 3 fails, the Control Panel will not try to start it anymore. Start it manually.
8. Add the Rounds widget (to access all options regarding rounds-based matches) and any widgets what you like from the admin panel (search for gear icon)
9. Normally it is not possible to change game modes and overwrite settings. You have some options though if you open up the admin panel of ManiaControl and you select Server/Script Settings.

Game mode change
ManiaControl will change your gamemode within half a second. To achieve this, do the following:

1. Install the Scriptloader plugin in the Settings.
2. Activate it and you will see that there is an update for it.
3. Click on the update button.
4. After this, you will still see there is an update, but ignore it.
5. Restart ManiaControl.
6. Use these commands to change modes instantly: //scriptload Rounds - //scriptload Team - //scriptload Cup - //scriptload TimeAttack
7. Define every needed rules/parameters in Settings/Scriptsettings (3rd page)
8. Every admin command is listed if you type //helpall. You most likely will need //setpointsdistribution, where you can put the desired numbers separated by comma - for rounds.

Titlepack-related problems

For now, you cannot see any servers if you enter the titlepack. In the main menu, just select Competition, and click on Multiplayer tab. Find your server there.

We hope these tutorials will ease the first days in Maniaplanet 4.

Stay informed!

Rasque, Wednesday, 10/05/17 18:18
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One thing about the batch file that might not be clear to everyone, it's edited in notepad or an equivalent to it.
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