SNC2017 - Fifth mappack
Lets gather up again! Groups, maps are ready!

Current team captains

France - Captain: link
Germany - Captains: Harni and araQVtec (dirt)
Sweden - Captain: Razer
Denmark - Captain: Arpe
CZ/SK - Captain: Jurato
Hungary - Captain: spetyka
North America - Captain: Rexine
Netherlands - Captain: Spam
South Africa - Captain: TX3 Ulti
South America - Captain: k9x00
Oceania - Captain: Mudda

Group A

  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • South America

  • Group B

  • Germany
  • CZ/SK
  • Hungary
  • North America
  • South Africa
  • Oceania

  • Mappack #1

    The first mappack is here already! Here they are:

    Tech: ESL - Sokereita by Clearvision
    Speed: ESL - Make fullspeed great again! by Hunter
    Dirt: ESL - Frostburn by Snowman

    Download the SNC2017 Mappack #1 here!

    Mappack #2

    Tech: ESL - Lionhearted by Buzy
    Speed: ESL - Abduction by Rex-racer
    Dirt: ESL - LBJ by Dulf

    Download the SNC2017 Mappack #2 here!

    Mappack #3

    Tech: ESL - Baba Yetu by Cousin & nevermind
    Speed: ESL - Onenta by Aspher
    Dirt: ESL - Shelter ! by Mwett & Deejay

    Download the SNC2017 Mappack #3 here!

    Mappack #4

    Tech: ESL - Meet-Up by Teaumma
    Speed: ESL - Psymean by link
    Dirt: ESL - Notorious ! by Deejay

    Download the SNC2017 Mappack #4 here!

    Mappack #5

    Tech: ESL - Bloodline by Wally & Kappa
    Speed: ESL - Radiant by Amin22
    Dirt: ESL - The Butterfly Effect by Full Fart Bakat

    Download the SNC2017 Mappack #5 here!

    Next steps

    Please start building your team! Important: no honorary or inactive members are allowed.
    For those who have no team created yet, create it with .TM2S tag (at rename, ignore the teamname is already used-warning and press send again). Names are locked where it was corrected or old used. Also flags were corrected where it was necessary (no texts or other customisations are allowed).

    Build your team until 27th May, 23:59 CEST, when the teamlock will be set and no further modifications will be permitted.

    The grousptage will be complete after another closed application, which is pending at the moment. The first mappack is coming in one week. More info in another news!

    What will change this time?

    We saved the new rules from last years. It means we don't use ranking point reduction but we apply Wildcards instead for different rulebreaks.

    Requirements and Conditions

    There are some special rules and conditions, as well as restrictions, for you as a team in order to be accepted as an official national team and to be able to participate in the Nations Challenge.

    If you have an existing account for Nations Challenge, you must keep it.
    That means that you have to add/remove members to build your roster.
    The team accounts will be checked before you are allowed to start building your team

    Conditions are the following ones:

    Name» Country .TM2S If you have an existing account for Nations Challenge, you must keep it
    Teamsize» 5 to 20 players
    Team Conditions» All players must be citizens of the country they're playing for*
    » Not more than 50% from a single ESL team**

    * If a player can prove his nationality, he can play from outside of his country
    ** Also valid for the past 6 Months of clan history (even outside ESL). Exceptions can be made for smaller countries

    Admin staff reserves the right to accept or to reject a team, if the team does not follow the conditions mentioned above.

    We are waiting for Team Captains

    As for every Nations Challenge here in ESL, a person from each participating nation should take the responsibility and be the captain of his national team.

    Do you want to become the Team Captain of your Country?
    You have to contact us by creating a support ticket. Before you do that, please read how your application should look like:

    Title: Team Captain application *NAME OF COUNTRY*

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Some information about yourself
  • What are your qualifications for the job of the team manager?
  • Why, of all people, should you be the one becoming team manager? Why do you think you are the right person for this job?
  • A list of players who are already ready to play for your country

  • Requirements for Team Captains
    At least 18 years old
    Clean ESL history
    No flamer, no penalty points for offense(s)

    Please note that all players, including the team captain, have to be residents of the country/region they would like to represent and in addition they have to have valid citizenship which the ESL reserves to approve by requesting personal ID card copies at any time, if needed inasmuch as fiddle might be in prospect.

    Apply as Team Captain
    The deadline is the 14th of May 2017 12:00 CEST.


    In case your nation isnt big enough to show up enough players for this tournament, you can contact us with your idea about how you and another captain would join as a region (like Baltics, Alpen, Benelux, etc). You can just write a normal captain application in your ticket, where you can refer to the other captain/country.
    These regions will be decided separately based on the facts and you all will be notified about it.


    The three winning teams will receive a special ESL award, with some Premium prizes for their success:

    ESL Premium & Awards
    1st 4x3 Months ESL Premium
    2nd 4x2 Months ESL Premium
    3rd 4x1 Months ESL Premium

    Maps Wanted

    As usual, we will use the actual CPS maps as tech maps, however, we will need fullspeed and dirt tracks for the Stadium Nations Challenge.

    The map request can be read in the other news here.


    Rules completed: soon™, after knowing all participants
    Registration deadline: 14th May
    Group draft: 21st May
    Additional registrations (depending on empty slots and groups): 21th May
    Maps and final league structure: latest 22nd May
    Matches generated: latest 22nd May
    Team lock: 27th May 23:59 CEST
    First playday: 28th May 18:00 CEST
    Playoffs: ???

    Stay informed!

    Rasque, Monday, 19/06/17 15:15
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    Yay, Station Nations Challenge is back!

    Denmark will be ready, join us here:

    Team South Africa. Here we come baby! ;)
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