3on3 SpeedFun Cup #1 *pack #5*
Finally Speedfun found it's way to the ESL. Thrilling matches and big clashes will be awaited for this new section of the ESL. Here, we provide you with the latest update and news about this tournament:

3on3 Speedfun Cup #1

3on3 Speedfun Cup #1
  • Slots: 32 Single elimination
  • Start: 15.05.2016 21:00 CEST
  • Sign-up start: 11.04.16 12:00 CEST
  • Sign-up end: 08.05.16 20:00 CEST
  • Support: Ticket!
  • Rules: click!
  • Teams must be composed of 3 players MIN and 4 players MAX.
  • Teams are allowed to register several lineups.
  • There is no mercato (playerchange) during the whole Cup.
  • Each match will be played in 3v3.
  • There will be 3 maps in every final/week, 7 pts/map , team mode.
  • The victory depends on the points and not on won maps (if there is a draw, maps won will decide the winner).
  • Default date for a match is Sunday @ 21:00 CET. Teams are allowed to organize their match before this default date.
  • New mappacks will be released here each sunday night.

The Maps

Thank you everyone for sending in your maps, we've got six packs set up and ready for releases, the first of which is already here:
Pack #1 - RO32
ESL - Redox
ESL - Rio C
Pack #2 - RO16
ESL - Omega
ESL - Welps
ESL - Left
Pack #3 - Quarterfinals
ESL - Looters
ESL - 5th Element
ESL - Cookie
Pack #4 - Semifinals
ESL - Limits
ESL - Scarf Factory
ESL - Kraut
Pack #5 - Finals
ESL - Rueben
ESL - SoulFrog
ESL - Obazda

Training Server

All of the maps are available for training as well on our public server, feel free to hang out on it whenever you like.
Join the public server


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This application lets you create your own servers aswell, while being on the same platform to reach anyone in our scene, in text and voice channels as well! It is working on the web if you wish so, but it comes with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android app versions as well! You can never lose the touch with your mates anymore.

Join the Trackmania Discord server now!

Stay informed!

Moux, Sunday, 05/06/16 14:24
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64³ basemap allowed?
fredajr wrote:
64³ basemap allowed?

sure you can use the 64x64 maps
Shall I use the dynamic signs since you have to use them for CPS maps?
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Soo, what is SpeedFun?
Change of format

Might I ask why this is only cupformat? For ½ of the teams the competition is over after one mappack. If you suck at that one mappack you're out. This is one random factor. The next "random" factor is you opponent. Why not quali scrimm and then groupstage where topX advance to the playoffs. You aren't dependent on one mappack then and you can play more matches vs. several lineups. Many of us don't have much ESL / competetive exp. and it would be great for us. So all I ask for is a different format. Any other opinions here? I would prefer:
1st: Scrimm to qualify (Seed in groupstage / division)
2nd: Groupstage
3rd: TopX advance to playoffs

/iGn fredair

any awnser by admins?
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Hello fredair,

I totally understand your questions but this first Speedfun event is just a test how many teams we get together and if it is worth to discuss about PS status in the future.
So thanks for your understanding.
Moux wrote:
PS status

whats that?
PS means Premier Ship like the SPS - Speed Premier Ship in Fullspeed or CPS.
how long is this going to last for? only 1 week?
Yes. There will be mappacks released every sunday.
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