CPS15: Playoffs time *updated*
It is again time for a nice playoffs after a quite exceptional season!

End of groupstage phase

The last playday is over for almost all teams now and the final results are ready for being taken into account when it comes to the playoffs.

This season we didn't see Team Acer but we had some good challengers for the defending champions Team Dignitas.TM2S. Before the season there were changes within teams and lineups which made it quite interesting to guess how the playoffs would look like. The team always close to the podium BX3.TP-Link didn't make it this time, moreover, their leader, 3922539 recently announced his retirement from the game.

Besides them, one could predict numerous teams as a challenger of Team Dignitas.TM2S, as many of them were filled with various players from the scene, either from Team Acer, or other ones. In the end, formerly Penta, now Planetkey-Dynamics managed to reach the second spot in the groupstage phase, so they directly advance to the semifinals!

In the last years Easy.eSports fought unbrokenly to the top from the 4th division, and this is their time: after being close to grand finals in other leagues, now it's their time to show who can be the new force on the podium of the Competition Premiership series.

The fate of another similar team, MnM Gaming, formerly Funteam!, is another successful story of a team of motivation, team spirit and determination. For the first time they are part of the playoffs here in ESL CPS.

So how are teams placed into CPS16?

We are currently discussing about how we will improve Competition Premiership series in the future, and this will concern the method of groupstage, relegation and playoffs, mainly the whole concept. With time, we will tell you more about it.

For now, we can though state, that the teams winning a slot in a higher division are:

Overwhelming into first division
MnM Gaming Academy into second division
Insects into third division
Oz - TrackMania #1 into fourth division
indicate. into fifth division



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Schedule *updated*

As it is the spring (summer) season edition of CPS, the playoffs is scheduled for a shorter time: 18-26th July.

Should this be not too comfortable for you, please try to agree on any dates within the next two weeks in order to finish the season in time.

*update* Due to current discussions, only the quarterfinal match has been settled, which will happen on 19th July at 21:00 CEST.

Rules for Playoffs

As usual, we keep the previous rules for playoffs!

In case your match in Playoffs ends with a result of 3:3, a decider map has to be played in 5on5. The decider map is always the 1on1/2on2 map.

In Playoffs, tennis mode is wished to be used on every submatch. This rule applies for the decider as well.

Map distribution *updated*

Grand final will use the third mappack as a result of discussions.

We still have those three maps which we would like to use in the future. All those mappers will be mailed about it. Shouldn't you get that mail within one week, you are free to release your track.

Q: 19th July 21.00 CEST
ESL - The Real Mushroom
ESL - LeRisque
ESL - Lisaria
S: 21th July 20.00 CEST
ESL - Lisaria
ESL - The Real Mushroom
ESL - LeRisque
GF: 26th July 20.00 CEST
ESL - LeRisque
ESL - Lisaria
ESL - The Real Mushroom

Good luck and have fun for all contestants!

Stay informed!

Rasque, Monday, 13/07/15 04:01
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Yo guys,
it's just me again.

I am actually really confused right now. In this news you scheduled the Quarterfinal for "18th July 20.00 CEST" and the semifinal for "19th July 20.00 CEST".
In the tournament tree, on the other hand, you scheduled the quarterfinal for saturday 19:00CEST and the semifinal right afterwards (on the same day) at 20:00CEST.
I guess there is no way, that both matches will be played right after each other.

But thats not all. You wrote in your news "Grand final maps will be revealed after the semifinal.". But then again you scheduled the grandfinal (according to the tournamenttree) to sunday the 19th. So there would be 3 matches to be played for us or MnM within 2 days + there would be a new mappack to learn for the both finalists within 1 day.

There gotta be something wrong here.
Please have a look on the schedule.

(and to add my personal opinion here: i don't think it's a good idea to set deftime on saturday all of a sudden or let us drive 2 matches on one weekend. are we in a hurry or something? i don't even know that there is any upcomming tournament)

@paxmower: I'm pretty sure this is the "updated schedule", meaning that the quarters in fact will be played on Saturday, the semis a day after and the grandfinal next week on a new mappack. If the ESL had sticked with the other schedule, the playoffs would have been on one weekend, making it possibly 3 matches for one team in two days.
That's just because they edited the original news. In the first version (which was online this morning) all matches were scheduled at 18th/19th July. Also the same mappack was used for the grand final aswell, with quarter and semifinal having the same map order.
Safran wrote:
If the ESL had sticked with the other schedule, the playoffs would have been on one weekend, making it possibly 3 matches for one team in two days.

Yes, that's what i said before :P
But we will not be able to play saturday anyway, so there needs to be another solution for that.

cultimator wrote:
That's just because they edited the original news. In the first version (which was online this morning) all matches were scheduled at 18th/19th July. Also the same mappack was used for the grand final aswell, with quarter and semifinal having the same map order.

i don't know what they updated or whatever news this is. i just stated that the current schedule was not according to the tournament tree and there was no way that could be played according to it.
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Actually it was not the first time to have quarter and semi final planned for saturday and the Grand final for sunday. And playing 2 matches on 1 days isnt new either with Nationscups for example.

But for now, changing the plans which been open for the whole season kinda annoys me and our team. Since we wont be able to make it with enough players. Lets move the final to winter then...

18th / 19th been the last weekend planned for a long time now and many drivers go into vacation right after.

Just stick to your original Plans. Moving the quarter / semi would collide the Grandfinal aswell...sad to rething it this late.

And wtf new mappack for the last match?!
I guess 1st April just moved to date O.o
Bit shady newspost indeed, we are already suffering from the summer holidays, lack of players + lack of motivation does not result in a great playoffs.

I guess when a new mappack will be played just for the grand final we will see it on the 26th july? Anyhow hope every team in the playoffs will have enough players to perform good :)
A new mappack, just for the final, in the middle of july ?
That's a kind of joke, right guys ? ^^
lets just do it like this:

all matches at sunday, 19th with the current mappack

quarter 15 CET

semi 18 CET


I think thats the only solution.
Recently all POs in the spring CPS seasons were held on weekends and you saw that in the announcement too. So either way, we have to show the finger to some teams if you didn't agree with this fact. Since we had another nice 3 maps, it was a solution to add +1 week which only concern 2 teams in the end.

So lets nuke last mappack then and play it on the 3rd one whenever you can.
But dunno what happens when eK cant play neither Sat nor Sunday, I'm waiting for their agreement in their protest.

I'd tend to what Flow says but I never happy when I have to ask teams to play two matches like this, let alone three, on the same day (it never ever happened, and its rly nonsense).
Staying on the current Mappack = best solution.
So i am with u, nuking the supposed final pack.

But yeah in the basic news, playoffs been set for 18th/19th. Which is never good to throw up 7 days before.

Actually everything seems to depend on eK, so we gotta wait for their answer indeed.

All i can say is: If an upcomming Match is taking place, which you need to qualify for (eg.: this Quarterfinal match is used to qualify for semifinal), you should have done your match until that.

Giving a quick side-example: A relegations match can't postpone an upcoming season.

You dont want to play saturday? Fine, play Thursday, Friday, or sunday earlier.

Well, besides that:
I believe there is a ticket open for Semifinal moving to sunday 18:00 - 2 hours before the original planned Grandfinal on 19th. No problem here, the only problem tends to be the quarterfinal.
This has to be worked out (better earlier than later).

2-3 Matches on 1 days is tough - gotta be honest with that...and i guess my hand is gonna hurt after that. But on the other we had 24h races or any other solo-cup taking place on a single day (alienware etc)...on those you play the same amount or more and noone cares about that.

Seems like we havnt heard much by MnM yet. In case they say no to eKs offer on Monday and fix on default...this whole conversation is useless anyway. Maybe a Skype meeting between the leaders should be done soon.

I actually have to admit that i don't remember last spring-seasons playoffs, as our team was not part of it and i overread the date for the playoffs in your news.

If i am not mistaken, you'll wait for the outcome of the agreement between MnM and us, right? MnM might be able to play saturday, but they do favour another day as well. So that will lead us to postpone the match to sunday or even monday. Maybe it would be a solution to held the semi- and the grandfinal both on sunday next week? (in this case you could also use another mappack - i don't mind. but i have the feeling everybody is happy to stay on the current one. so that would be the safer decision)

Actually i am really annoyed by your comments here. But i try to keep it clean and simple:
We, Easy.eSports, are not the only team who does not want to play this saturday. MnM, but also your team, don't wish to play on this day as well - keep that in mind.
We ourselfes just try to find a solution to have solid and also fair playoffs. If we can't move our match, we accept that fact ..and it will most likely result in a defwin for MnM. But i don't see a reason why we wouldn't try to make the best out of the current situation.
Well paxmower_,

the main thing i criticize is changing the original schedule
Saturday 18th, 1/4 Final and 1/2 Final (same maporder)
Sunday 19th Grandfinal (last order)

1/4 Final has time to take place from 12th July to 18th July. So you can play on a thursday this week instead of saturday...its not like i dont understand your problem. I can feel with you. Simply dont like to mess the whole playoffs with that :/

But actually this date is up since months.
And Trackmania is handling with missing key players since years...just look at MnM aka funteam missing tween in TMM finals.

less serious comment:
You said that we (PkD) dont want to play on a saturday. Youre right, MiQuatro for example is missing, he went to army for 9 months. Pls postpone that
About what Flow said considering all playoffs matches in the same day would be way too much for the team that advances from quarter-finals, since it has to play 3 matches consecutively.
And considering the importance of the matches, the focus will be completely gone after one, maximum 2.

About what Rasque said with nuking the last map pack, I got nothing against, do what you think it's best about that matter, if the matches will stay 2 this weekend (somehow?) and another next week.

As for us, since eK mentioned as alternative time to Monday 21 CET proposed at first, a Sunday 21 CET would fit us the best. I do have to check if earlier than that would be possible, so we by any chance could do the semi-finals at 21 CET against PkD, in case we advance from quarters.
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can we just get a news post up somehow with the 100% correct information? Team Dignitas is not training because I quote 'Grand final maps will be revealed after the semifinal.' this sentence right here.

Update your post since not everybody reads comments in this topic.
News updated with the latest information available :)

We already ask PKD and the others to get some date prepared for next mid-week incase of every results of Quarterfinal.
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We(MnM) would be able to play on Wednesday 22nd July at 21 CEST against PkD, if we advance from quarters of course.
We want to stream the final in German.

Can we get the server information here, because I cannot write a comment on the match page itself...

Greetz Happy :P
(and of course from Suprime, the Streamer, too)
Be Happy wrote:
We want to stream the final in German.

Can we get the server information here, because I cannot write a comment on the match page itself...

Greetz Happy :P
(and of course from Suprime, the Streamer, too)

Have you tried contacting StubbyTV maybe? :)

Though dunno why you cant write there, should have been a bug, try it frequently
is okay rasque...
situation cleared...
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