What is Go4TESL Global?

Go4TESL Global is a weekly tournament series of Qualifier Cups with a Monthly Final at the end of each month. Go4TESL Global features a prize pool of up to 1625 EUR every month (details below). The top players from each weekly Qualifier Cup will receive Go4TESL ranking points which will earn them better seeding in upcoming Go4TESL Globaltournaments and a spot in the 500 EUR Monthly Final!
  • Go4TESL Global Cups occur every Saturday at 16:00 CEST
  • All weekly Qualifier Cups have a prize pool of 225 EUR + Card Packs
  • The Monthly Final features a prize pool of 500 EUR + Card Packs
  • The prize money is shared by the top 3 players

Past Go4TESL Global Tournaments

Details about the Go4TESL Global Cup Series

Starting in September we will be hosting one Go4TESL Global Qualifier Cup per week, with the best players taking home their share of up to 225 EUR prize money and in-game prizes. The top players from each weekly tournament will earn Go4TESL ranking points which will earn them a better seed in upcoming Go4TESL Global tournaments and a slot in the Go4TESL Global Monthly Final. The eight players who have accumulated the most points at the end of the month will be invited to the monthly final where they play for a total prize pool of 500 EUR! The monthly final winner takes home 250 EUR, 2nd place 150 EUR and 3rd place 100 EUR. 4th - 8th place get 5 Card Packs each.

Current Monthly Ranking

Full Monthly Ranking
Full Overall Ranking

Weekly points & prize distribution*

Place PointsPrizes*
Gold 1. 100 Go4Points 100 EUR
Silver 2. 75 Go4Points 75 EUR
Bronze 3. 60 Go4Points 50 EUR
Bronze 4. 40 Go4Points 2 Card Packs**
Bronze 5.-8. 25 Go4Points 2 Card Packs
Bronze9.-16. 10 Go4Points
Bronze17.-32. 5 Go4Points
Bronze33.-64. 2 Go4Points
*Based on a full 128 players tournament bracket
** Card Packs are randomly Base Game or Heroes of Skyrim packs

To claim won prizes please open a Support Ticket

Past Go4TESL Global Tournaments