play Go4Tekken7 (PS4) Europe Cup #2

Last change: 30.10.2018 03:12

These are the rules for the Go4Tekken7 (PS4) Europe Cup #2. We make every effort to ensure the rules are complete and up to date but this may not always be the case. You should also check the Info Page and News for additions, exceptions and modifications that may apply. The rules are a guideline and the decisions by admins may differ from them depending on the circumstances. If you have any questions about the rules, please write a support ticket.

1. Eligibility

In order to participate in ESL tournaments you must have:

  • Registered ESL account (register it here)
  • Your PSN nickname entered in your ESL profile (you must link it through your console using the cup widget on the right)

2. Admins and Referees

All participants in the ladder, leagues and cups must adhere to the decisions and rules of ESL staff members. All decisions are final, except in cases where the option to appeal is clearly stated.

Conversations, either verbal or written, between tournament operators, admins, or referees, and tournament participants are confidential. Publicly posting or sharing these conversations with outside parties is strictly forbidden, unless permission is obtained.

3. Match Rules

3.1. Nicknames compulsory

Each player has to use the nickname that is entered in his/her ESL player sheet.

3.2. Delays and Forfeits

Players must be online and ready to play at the designated match start time. “Ready to play” means that all players must be present and ready to begin the game within 15 minutes after the official match start time.

If a player is unable to join a lobby due to technical difficulties with the game, please notify the opposing player immediately and inform them that you are attempting to connect. If problems arise, please notify the admin team via protest ticket.

3.3. Game Modes

Before a game begins, it is the responsibility of the non-host player verify that all of the settings are correct. If a game is hosted with incorrect settings, it will need to be ended and restarted with correct ones. If games settings are incorrect but both players do not end the match by the first round then game will count, regardless of the result.

3.4. Game Settings

  • Format: in accordance with Quick Rules of the cup
  • Rounds: 3
  • Round timer: 60 seconds
  • Stage: Random

3.5. Communication

There is no restriction on the method of communication between players during a match. Players may use in-game chat, match chat or an external application such as Discord. Please remember that you can be penalized for anything disrespectful that is said to your opponent or admin in any ESL channel of communication.

3.6. Disconnects

In the event of a player disconnect, that player will forfeit the entire game, not just a round. It will be the responsibility of the player that got disconnected to connect his opponent within 5 minutes and continue the match.

3.7. Ties

Since game cannot end in ties, when the 60 seconds runs out, whoever has the most remaining health will win the round. In case of double K.O. of the final round you should start a new game and whoever wins first fight - wins the round and the entire game.

3.8. Match Reporting

Results must be reported by both players within 10 minutes after the match. This can be done through the PlayStation event screen, ESL Play App or the website by the players. If one player does not confirm the result within 10 minutes, it will be manually closed by an admin. If a player reports the wrong result, please open a protest ticket including valid proof so that the admin team can correct it.

3.9. Match Disputes

If a match was incorrectly reported by your opponent, you have 10 minutes to protest the report. Match protests must include media evidence clearly showing the results of the match.

Players are responsible for providing proof of match results in case of disputes.

4. Match Media

All match media (screenshots and videos) must be kept for at least 15 days. In general, you should upload the match media from a match as soon as possible. Faking or manipulating match media is of course forbidden and will result in severe penalties.

4.1. Screenshots

Both participants are responsible that screenshots of the match result are uploaded at the end of the match. The screenshots must contain the nickname of both participants and the match result. Also, we recommend that players take screenshots of disputable situations (such as Disconnects, Game Settings problems, etc.). These screenshots can and will be used as evidence in case of a dispute. You can take a screenshot by holding down the “Share” button in your controller.

5. Streaming and Recording

Observers are allowed only if both players agree. Exceptions to this rule are, ESL admins and people that are given permission by an admin (e.g. shoutcasters or streamer). Under no conditions are players allowed to play with referees other than ESL referees.

Players are encouraged to stream their own matches.

Please keep in mind that streaming without a delay may allow your opponents to gain an advantage. Watching a live stream of your opponent is bad sportsmanship, but it is not cheating, so disputes of this nature will be disregarded.

6. Penalty Point Catalogue

In general, a player and the team can receive up to 6 penalty points per match, unless a single violation has a higher punishment. A team is only punished once per violation, regardless of how many players. Where a player or team receives penalty points for multiple violations, the penalty points are added together.

Rule violation Number of penalty points
No show1 Team: 3; Player: 2
Reject compulsory challenge Normal: 1
Intense (top 10): 2
Abort match Player / Team: 2
Use of ineligible player
Inactive barrage Player / Team: 3
Barraged Player / Team: 6
Unregistered player Player / Team: 3
Missing Premium (where required) Player / Team: 3
Missing Trusted (where required) Player / Team: 3
Ringer/Faker Player / Team: 6
Playing with wrong gameaccount Player / Team: 3
Playing without a registered gameaccount Player / Team: 3
Unsportsmanlike behaviour
Multiple/Fake accounts Warning / 1-4 penalty points
Deception Player / Team: 1 - 4
Fake result Player / Team: 4
Fake match media Player / Team: 6
Fake match Player / Team: 6
Cheating Player: 12 / Team: 6
1In cup and league matches default wins are given instead of a match deletion and penalty points.

Matches get only deleted if the team/player violating the rules won the match.