Past Go4Tekken7 (PS4) Europe Tournaments

Details about the Go4Tekken7 (PS4) Europe Cup Series

Starting in September we will be hosting one Go4Tekken7 (PS4) Europe Tournament per week, with €100 for the winner. Performance of participants in every cup give them better chances in the next Go4Tekken7 cups because we will collect every win and assign players a better seed in the next Go4 tournaments they will play in.

Go4Tekken7 (PS4) Europe Cup #26


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medal_gold_3.png 1. €100

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What is Go4Tekken7 (PS4) Europe?

Go4Tekken7 (PS4) Europe is a weekly 1on1 Tournament Series. Go4Tekken (PS4) Europe features a prize pool of up to €500 every month! Join the competition every Sunday, prove that you are the best Tekken fighter in Europe and grab your money! Every Sunday the winner takes home €100!